Workstation Cabin: Geometric Home Office Pod In Your Outdoor

Many people are still struggling with the pandemic, which is why working from home has become a common situation today. However, not everyone has enough space for a home office, and if they do, sometimes do not always comfortable when other family members in the house because they might interfere with your concentration. Working from home is about increasing your concentration and productivity, there are no distractions and staying in accordance with your work schedule. That is why you are a home office that stands alone and really is in an area that will not damage your concentration. The Cabin Workstation is an interesting one this year, a multipurpose geometry sanctuary designed by the Budapest-based design studio, Hello Wood.

Workstation Cabin is a creative work with 15 sides that can be utilized according to your wishes such as a functional home office, living room, lounge, or children’s playroom. It does look quite compact, but when it is inside it turns out to be quite deep because the wall is pushed at different angles. The interior is even left open that allows light to enter more thanks to a couple of skylights and windows with an irregular shape. At night or in the dark, there are enough lights to work or do anything else you want. The warmth of Scotland’s natural pine wood and large windows create a comfortable space but filled with light throughout the year. You can place them yourself among trees, gardens or backyards for a soothing hiding area. Equipped with built-in A/C, the structure offers a long-term solution throughout the year, no matter the weather outside. This pod office is equipped with advanced technology, even has electrical outlets and internet access to keep all technology running.






This cabin is designed using a computer so that it has a blueprint for design that can be sent to a CNC machine that aims to facilitate the workmanship. Like most modular molding structures, this cabin is built off site and then shipped and installed in just a matter of days to avoid interference at home. Have one outside your room and get a home office pod that is like a holiday every day.

source: digsdigs


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