Zen Work Pod: The Best Work From Home Solutions

Home office has become part of our lives today, even all workers and freelancers who work from home are very understanding to continue to maintain focus, energy and enthusiasm that can be a challenge when we have to work from home. Many designers around the world have been moved to create innovative work to increase productivity from home product design that includes furniture to modular pods. Zen Work Pod is the one that caught our attention, this is an exciting new solution and completely redefine the Office of the center, giving maximum focus during each hour of work. You don’t have to have a warehouse in the backyard because you will instead have the best private workspace built especially for you.

Zen Work Pod comes as a practical solution for those of you who want to stay focused and always be inspired despite working from home. Put this pod in your backyard that contrasts with the existing tool shed, this is a modern work space that is equipped with everything needed for a work day. This pod features floor-to-ceiling and roof angles that are all wrapped with oak wood structure, come and solid aluminum. This is indeed small, but the minimalist design, sweeping glass walls and windows make it feel spacious. Located inside, the pod is equipped with organized shelves, drawers, tables and chairs. Although it is not equipped with an air conditioner unit, there are electrical appliances and space to install it if you need it. Working inside with warm wooden interior will provide a comfortable feeling when you want to spend the day with your work. If you want a different home office and you happen to have a backyard, the Work Zen Pod is available for ordering!

Complete Privacy

Make the Zen Work Pod your own private working realm and boost your concentration. Delete all the noise and distractions of home and enjoy the space to just create.


Bring the Outside In

Floor to ceiling glass panels provide plenty of natural light throughout the day. Enjoy outdoor views directly from your workspace whenever you’re in need of inspiration & a mental refresh.


Stay Zen

Working from home doesn’t need to be stressful. Reconnect with nature right at your doorstep and find your Zen. Who says you can’t be productive and balanced at the same time?



source: yankodesign


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