10 Awesome Christmas Lights With Neon Sign

Christmas lighting is a great choice for a festive mood, and even if there are no other decorations, it will make you enjoy the Christmas feel. Among the many Christmas lighting ideas, have you ever thought about adding a neon sign? We usually put them on a tree but there are more ways to incorporate them into decorations. You can create light silhouettes to make a statement, create an eye-catching Christmas object, or as a nightlight, your space will be warmed up with neon lights.

Create neon signs or various easy Christmas statement shapes for any room. This is a creative way to decorate it and look awesome. Decorate your fireplace with neon lights, it looks like a holiday, a tree made of neon lights or simply a sign on your wall is very easy to make and looks elegant. Here we’ve rounded up 10 Christmas lighting ideas with neon signs to inspire you!

1. The fireplace is the centerpiece of all Christmas decorations. In addition to adding various Christmas decorations, you can also brighten it up with neon lights.


2. Neon Christmas tree is not only the best choice to save budget but also liven up the atmosphere thanks to the beautiful neon light.


3. Not only for the interior, you can also decorate your garden or outdoor area with classic Christmas tree decorations.


4. Make the Christmas tree a comfortable night light to make Christmas night even more memorable.

5. A reindeer on the wall will do wonders with a warm neon light. Create even more effect by adding string lights to the walls.


6. Christmas is always synonymous with Santa Claus. So, it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t bring this iconic character to the Christmas lighting.


7. Wreaths may be too common for you to see at Christmas. Try replacing a traditional wreath with neon lighting that gives it a unique feel.


8. If you still want to present an original Christmas tree, you can still decorate it with a choice of neon decorations that will beautify your Christmas tree.


9. A merry Christmas on the wall is a great idea that you can make with a neon sign.


10. Not always a Christmas tree, other decorations such as Christmas stockings can also be made from neon lighting. Place them on your desk or as a complement to your Christmas decorations.



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