10 Favorite Kids Reading Area Integrated With Outdoors

Cultivating an interest in reading to turn it into a hobby must be done from an early age, even when children cannot read the arrangement of letters in a book. However, nowadays many parents complain about the difficulty of teaching their kids to like to read. The reasons are various, ranging from kids who prefer to play with their gadgets to boredom that attacks quickly.

Having a reading nook or a small library at home is indeed an effective way. At a minimum, kids will be more interested in a reading area designed specifically for them, they will even start to be interested in finding books neatly arranged on shelves that are made as attractive as possible.

For some reason, a kids reading nook can be more attractive if it is integrated into the outdoors. If you have an outdoor area of course that would be great, but if it’s not possible you can still make it like being outdoors. In addition to providing a new atmosphere for a place to read, an area that is integrated with the outdoors has proven to be able to give your little one more imagination. Here are 10 of our favorite reading areas that will excite kids!

1. The corner of the room is always a favorite place to read, especially if the corner of your room is equipped with a large window with a view to the outside.


2. A balcony may not be too big. However, it is the best place to build a kids reading area.


3. Place a canopy under the tree, add lighting and floor cushions for an outdoor reading corner. If you have a little space in the backyard, this reading idea is worth considering.


4. Kids always love playhouses, and if you’re a creative dad try building their dream playhouse. Besides the playground, it’s also a comfortable area to read some of your favorite books.


5. When the weather starts to clear outside, it means the best time to be in the garden or backyard. Bring a chair or sofa, a side table, and some books that will make your little one feel comfortable snuggling with a good book.


6. In addition to the simple playhouse, the A-frame shaped playhouse is also popular today. Even though it’s smaller than usual, it’s still a comfortable reading place for kids.


7. Take some chairs, a small table and lighting into the playhouse. Here children can do everything, from playing, studying, reading, to enjoying their favorite food.


8. Slightly different from playing houses in general, cubby houses are a practical way that you can make in just a few minutes. Add lighting, bookshelves, pillows and cozy rugs for the best reading space.


9. There are times when children are also lazy to play outside. To keep their mood, you can place a large window near the bed.


10. This reading area is very functional because it is equipped with a chalkboard and sandbox that allows your little one to play at the same time.



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