10 Simple And Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

December is always synonymous with Christmas decorations in almost every part. Starting from shops, roads, to houses, there is always a festive Christmas feel. Towards the end of this year, have you got any plans to decorate your house for Christmas? For most people, you may be obsessed with Christmas decorations and decorations that almost fill the entire house. But, oddly enough, I want this Christmas to put more emphasis on minimalist decorations with simple arrangements.

For me, simple Christmas decorations always manage to bring a warm and soothing feel to any interior style. And the great thing is, they actually make for a fun DIY project during the holidays. A Christmas ornament hanging on the table, a simple Christmas tree, or a small shrub that enhances the appearance of the wall. These are the little touches that I miss every year. Here are 10 easy and simple inspirations for decorating Christmas!

1. Christmas tree in a bottle


It turns out that not only flowers are suitable to be placed on table vases. The proof is a piece of fir tree also looks beautiful as a table decoration. You can replace the vase with a clear glass bottle and then add water as a planting medium.

2. Christmas Candles


n addition to a tiny Christmas tree, you can also use a glass bottle as a candle holder. Place it on the windowsill to warm up the Christmas atmosphere at night.

3. Snowflakes


Snowflakes signal winter outside, and they coincide with Christmas celebrations. Bring these pretty decorations into your home as part of the Christmas festivities. Hang snowflakes along the hallway!

4. Wreath in the mirror


If usually a bouquet of flowers is often a decoration in front of a door or window. The idea of times is really creative by placing it on a mirror.

5. Christmas tree wrapped in burlap


Take advantage of the empty area on the stairs to be more interesting by placing a Christmas tree. Because stairs are usually small, you can DIY your own Christmas tree wrapped in burlap. This decoration is for farmhouse style Christmas look.

6. A simple DIY Christmas tree on the wall


This is a creative way for you who have a house with a limited size. If a classic Christmas tree feels like it takes up a lot of space, maybe you can try this DIY Christmas tree idea and stick it on the wall.

7. Simple Christmas wall decoration


In addition to photo clips and wall galleries, give it a Christmas feel to perfect your decor. You can put this idea on the wall in your bedroom or family room to make the atmosphere more intimate.

8. Christmas hanging ornaments


Sometimes beautiful Christmas decorations don’t always have to be expensive. Use nearby items like bushes and bread molds and turn them into awesome Christmas hangers.

9, Scandinavian style Christmas lights


Scandinavian Christmas decorations are welcoming decorations with an elegant minimalist touch. You can make these simple Christmas decorations with this Christmas lighting idea. Has a star shape with fairy lights that will warm your Christmas eve.

10. Vintage Christmas tree with bucket pot


This Christmas tree gives off a calming vintage feel, even if it’s not too big. Use the bucket as a pot to put the Christmas tree in!


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