12 Easy DIY New Year’s Decoration To Get Inspired


After yesterday we celebrated Christmas with all the peace and happiness, now is the time to welcome the new year with full of joy. At the end of every year, the New Year’s Eve celebration is one of the most awaited moments. That is why, many people try to enliven the party with various touches of beautiful New Year’s decorations to celebrate with family or closest friends.

The new year is the end of our journey for this year, and this is also the most awaited holiday season because after the party is over, we will welcome the year and a new beginning. From inviting family and friends, preparing party dishes, to making party decorations to enliven the atmosphere. Here are 12 easy DIY New Year’s decorations that you can try at home. Get inspired!

1. Balloons


Turn the room into a fun new year’s party with balloons. By hanging or placing balloons, you can turn the room into a much more memorable one. Use balloons in bright colors and then decorate them with paper with gold and silver accents to make a statement.

2. Number balloons


Apart from balloons with common shapes, you can also choose balloons with numbers as part of the decoration. Stick balloons showing the year of the party for example “2022” or you can also hang balloons with some letters and numbers like “welcome 2022”.

3. New Year’s Photo Booth


Capture every moment during the new year’s party by creating a photo booth. To make the photo look even more memorable, make photo booth decorations with a new year’s theme such as adding gold and silver colors. Make this decoration as a photo background and complete it with furniture or star accents.

4. New Year’s Celebration


Celebrate your new year’s party celebration by making memorable moments. If outside you can light fireworks, then indoors use accessories such as a rain of balloons or paper just when the time shows 12 at night.

5. New Year Tablescape


Make the New Year’s meal even more fun with table setting ideas. Enjoying food and drink is much more memorable with New Year tablescape. Decorate plates, cutlery, and other cutlery to enhance the appearance of the table.

6. Star Ornament


To make your party look beautiful, you can hang a gold star decoration. This decoration symbolizes hope for happiness in the following year.

7. New Year Fireplace


As the new year approaches, it is usually cold outside. That’s because in some areas winter is still going on. So, this is the best time to be at home with a warm fireplace. Decorate the coat with a familiar New Year’s accent for the holiday season.

8. New Year’s Cake


No party is complete without cake and drinks. So, complete the new year’s party with beautiful cakes and decorations to complete your party. Use the drink cart as a place to put cakes, dishes, and drinks.

9. New Year Garland


Placing the inscription as a happy new year can not be missed. You can make garlands or banners with your own creativity. Hanging it with a string and making it part of the party can also be an interesting idea.

10. Beautiful Cutlery


New Year’s Eve party is always synonymous with having dinner together, you can make it even more memorable by decorating the cutlery with beautiful New Year’s decorations.

11. New Year’s Party Accessories


The celebration of the new year’s party will certainly be more lively with party accessories for the new year that you can make yourself. Accessories such as hats, headbands, to new year’s trumpets will enliven your new year’s eve party.

12. DIY hanging clock


DIY hanging clocks made of paper are also an attractive decoration for a new year’s eve party. This clock decoration signifies the time that has passed during the year and the time that will come at the beginning of the year.


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