23 Clean And Minimalist Kitchen Design With Japandi Style


We all know that the kitchen is an area for cooking, here you usually make your favorite food to channel your cooking hobby. However, did you know that the kitchen is divided into two, namely the kitchen clean and dirty? As the name implies, dirty kitchens are often used to prepare various food ingredients, cook, and make cooking spices, so this kitchen often looks dirty. Meanwhile, a clean kitchen emphasizes the aesthetics of space in arranging food or making snacks such as cakes.

Today I want to share a clean and minimalist kitchen design in the Japandi style. Maybe some of you are wondering why I chose the kitchen Japandi on this list? So that you are not curious, here I will share a clean Japandi-style kitchen that is worthy of being included in your next interior.

Clean kitchen with functional storage

Japandi style very suitable to be applied very dominating this clean kitchen. Functional storage systems such as cabinets and shelves use brightly colored wood. You can put a lot of unique storage in this style. Wooden furiture such as tables and kitchen cabinets are often found here. This clean kitchen becomes more spacious than it actually is. To enhance the decor, the Japandi kitchen also places many shelves of plants or those that are hung on the walls.


Neutral colors with minimalist decor

The Japandi kitchen has a rapid design arrangement that utilizes the wall as a background. These kitchens typically use soothing neutrals like white, beige or gray inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian culture.

Having a lot of storage space up to the upper wall. The application of this space-saving concept makes the kitchen feel more spacious, while the furniture is dominated by light colored wood and large windows. Integrated with the outdoors.


Flexible and blends into the interior

Japandi kitchen designs can be placed anywhere, such as in the middle of a room or near the dining room. You can combine the kitchen Japandi with your interior concept as a combination of light wood and white marble which gives a luxurious look. This kitchen style is also multifunctional.

Apart from being an area for cooking, you can add a dining area such as a bar table with the addition of stylish chairs.


Unique accessories and decorations

One that characterizes Japandi style is the use of accessories and decorations are unique. To complement the kitchen, unique style furniture such as stoves, refrigerators, and storage cabinets.

Japandi kitchens have ample storage space and are well organized. Kitchen cabinets are usually made of the highest quality wood that can display the color of wood to the fullest.





















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