7 Creative And Functional Bedroom Wall Decorations

Often many people ignore bedroom decorations, they think this room is just a place to unwind and rest. That is why, the bedroom is only filled with main furniture such as mattresses, cabinets, tables, and chairs. Of course, this will make your bedroom look monotonous and boring. Whatever the reason, decoration is very important to support your comfort. In fact, interior spaces that prioritize functionality and minimalism also need a touch of decoration.

Today, I want to invite you to change the bedroom to be more interesting and fun. So that you don’t have to spend a lot of space and save space, you can use the walls of your room as the best area to start. In this post, I will share some tips for decorating bedroom walls with various contemporary decorations. This room wall idea is very effective in making your room more beautiful and making you more comfortable in it!

Wall gallery for aesthetic room style

Displaying a wall gallery makes any room look beautiful and aesthetic. The gallery is not only a contemporary room decoration, but has become the most popular decoration of all time. Starting from an abstract image, painting, or a certain theme. You can adjust it in such a way to get maximum results.


Refreshing indoor plants

Every bedroom always needs a fresh feel to sleep comfortably. You can try putting plants in the room to clean the air and make the room look greener. To be more comfortable, give real plants in the corner of the room or place them on a wall shelf. Some favorite indoor plants such as succulents, cacti, vines, philodendrons, and the like can be the main choice.


Note wall as a reminder

There are lots of wall hangings that beautify the look of your room. However, you also need to pay attention to its functions related to your activities. Put up a wall of notes as a reminder of your schedule today. You can paste a wallboard to paste notes, photos, or some small files.


String light that warms the atmosphere

Want the atmosphere of your room to feel comfortable or even romantic? The key, you need to install some lighting that is not too bright. String lights not only give a beautiful light silhouette to the bedroom but also make any room feel even more romantic. This lighting idea is very popular with teenagers and is often a mandatory decoration in dorm rooms.


Wall photos that capture memories

Capture every moment through wall photos. Instead of leaving the walls of your room blank, you can decorate it by placing some family photo frames. Add photo wall shelves and arrange your photo frames in such a way for best results. You can also make a statement with color on one part of this wall.


Functional wall shelves for small spaces

A narrow room is not an excuse not to decorate it with various wall hangings. In this case, you can place wall shelves to store various items or collections of your favorite books. From its unique shape, the shelf can be a sweet accent for the bedroom.


Install a mirror to make the room feel more spacious

One of the best things about a small room is that we can work around it in such a way. Like placing a mirror as part of the bedroom décor. With a mirror, you can create a visual effect that is wider than its actual size. To do this you must place a large mirror.



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