9 Best Oversized Houseplants That You’re Must Know

Tiny houseplants may be commonplace, but oversized houseplants have become a new trend in the room. Some plants can even grow well without the need for intense care, they not only give a lot of life to the home, but they also add aesthetic value to any interior where you want to bring a natural feel to your décor.

Unlike tiny houseplants, only a few large or tall plants are needed to turn your home into a cozy green zone, an oasis in the city, or even a forest in your home. Many people think oversized plants only apply to old plant types, even though you can choose several types of plants that can be cared for and adjusted to your liking. Of course, oversized plants are more expensive and will probably spend your budget but it does not matter if a large impact also to your interior. Here I have collected nine of the best indoor houseplants and tall trees that you should know. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Snake plant

The first and easiest choice is definitely a snake plant. It is suitable for those of you who do not have much time for maintenance or are beginners. Snake plant is easy to grow and can withstand any environmental conditions including indoors. But keep in mind, don’t water it too much and occasionally place it in the sun.


2. Rubber tree plant

If there is a lot of open space in your house, it is highly recommended to choose a rubber tree plant because this plant does require high lighting. This plant will not work in an enclosed space, but if you place it correctly then the rubber tree plant is one of the best choices for large ornamental plants.


3. Parlor palm

Love tropical-style interiors? Palm trees are probably one of the best among tropical plant species. Maintenance is also quite easy, they are plants with low light and can flourish in an environment with average humidity, and even tends to dry.


4. Olive tree

Bring a holiday feel to your home by planting olive trees. Put them in a bright place, while not over-watering them and they grow well in any environment.


5. Monstera plant

Who does not know this ornamental plant? Monstera plants have become a big trend in recent years. They usually thrive with little moisture and can grow in almost any light level.


6. Lemon tree

This plant not only beautifies your interior, but has many other benefits such as giving a fresh scent into the room and you can immediately harvest the fruit whenever you want. Lemon tree can give a summer feel and refresh any room in your home.


7. Hanging fern plant

The fern is the only large plant that can be hung. If you want a new look with a unique bias plant then ferns are the best choice right now. This plant is very easy to care for and does not require a high level of lighting.


8. Fiddle leaf figs

Fiddle leaf figs are probably the only large plants that are difficult to care for. However, many people want to make their collections because these plants can be a nice oasis in the room. If you can maintain it properly such as avoiding excessive watering, placing it in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight then this plant will do just fine.


9. Birds of Paradise

One type of tropical plant with a beautiful leaf shape. The birds of paradise is the right choice for those of you who live in a tropical climate. This plant needs light, though not directly and moist soil.



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