Bivouac Fanton: Amazing Cliff Cabin That Defies Gravity


Do you like challenges? Or are you a person who is afraid of heights but wants to try to defy gravity? Italy-based architectural firm DEMOGO responded by introducing the “bivouac fanton”, a high-altitude protective shell. It takes the form of a roughly chiseled slanted cabin perched on a marmarole saddle in belluno dolomites, Italy. Set in the wild mountains that are difficult to access, infinity space at 2667 meters above sea level, its fiberglass design bends firmly along the cliffs giving the impression that it will roll in the void at any moment.

This concept gives visitors a real emotional feeling, leaving them feeling overwhelmed by the opposite instinct. On the other hand, the desire to explore and move in expanded space and the need to protect oneself, rediscover the human dimension. The best cabin for those who like a challenge!


According to the designers, living in it feels like placing oneself between the lenses of a telescope that seeks to frame space, limit it, and rediscover the relationship between humans and the environment. “Bivouac Fanton is a project of proportion between absolute and measure, a small work that finds its dimension in the possibility of amplifying perception”.

The cabin interior is clad in wood to try to get closer to nature. The glass fibers that thicken layer by layer serve as a second shell that becomes the shell and the shared structure. Its outer design takes the form of a rugged box hanging on a cliff, giving it a feeling of being stretched into the void. There are large windows that give visitors a stunning view that opens out to the cliffs and mountains, in which everything feels expanded in the perception of an expanded space.









designer: demogo


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