Easy Ways To Decorate A Vintage Style Bedroom


Vintage-style room is always synonymous with a luxurious and expensive, and if you happen to these fans then apply the vintage style is not as difficult as you imagined. One of the rooms in the house that is often given this style is the bedroom, this style makes your rest more comfortable and gives a luxurious aesthetic feel to the most private space.

For lovers of vintage style, of course, you have a lot of antiques at home, whether in the form of antique furniture or decorations. Instead of just being left piled up or dusty in the warehouse, you can use it to be part of a vintage bedroom décor. This is an easy and inexpensive way of creating your dream bedroom, and here are some tips that you can try at home.

Use antique furniture

Vintage bedroom designs have the characteristics of using old items and furniture, you can use antique furniture that is already at home to be part of the decoration. Usually items or furniture that have historical value or memories in your life will be better.


The right wall paint

The easiest way to emphasize the vintage style is to choose the right paint. For a vintage bedroom, choose soft colors such as purple, light blue, yellow, and pastels are colors that are often used. Besides applying it to the walls, you can also give this color a touch to the furniture.


Apply room motifs

The vintage impression can also be shown in the use of room motifs. It can be seen on the walls, textile or some small details. Floral, floral, and abstract motifs are motifs that are often found in vintage items.


Choose a vintage décor items

The most popular decorations for vintage rooms are old items that still look unique. Some accessories like old picture frames, flower vases, or old radios make the perfect decoration for a vintage bedroom.


Canopy bed

Such a canopy has become the hallmark of a vintage bedroom style. You can add a canopy to a vintage bed with a simple look or add a unique pattern to the canopy design.


Vintage rugs

Add comfort to the bedroom by choosing a vintage-style rug. Some popular carpet themes such as bohemian will make the bedroom look more aesthetic.



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