Easy Ways To Use Green Color In Interior Trends


Minimalist house design does not always shades of white. The color trend that continues to develop provides ideas for interior designers including choosing new colors that will be trending in 2021. If you happen to like an elegant minimalist style, you can apply a green color scheme to the interior. The natural impression that is presented is an important reason why you should consider it.

Green is a natural color that provides a cool and refreshing feel to any space. Green also has a sense of peace, harmony, and balance when applied into the room. Currently, there are about 20 green color variants that you can choose according to your interior concept. The use of green paint on the walls, accessories or furniture can make any room feel cooler and refreshing. In the following we provide some easy tips for using green in your space.

Green color that refreshes the living room

Create a cool and fresh living room design by bringing a green color scheme to your interior. Choose a dark green color as the wall paint that gives a sense of comfort and modern. You can paint the entire living room wall or just one part as the main focal point, then mix it with other colors such as white or other neutral colors to present a minimalist impression.


If you want the living room to look brighter, use a bright green paint color. Put some accessories such as wall art, photo frames, or ornamental plants that will beautify your living room.



Green color that makes sleep more cozy

The bedroom is the most private area where you have quality time to rest. There are several options green color be applied to make the bed more comfortable. You can choose jungle green or nature-inspired green. This color is perfect for those of you who want the room not to be too bright, and even tend to be shady.


Another option, there is also a faded green which at first glance resembles a pastel color. Slightly different from jungle green, this faded green color tends to be lighter to present a cheerful atmosphere.

Conversely, for those of you who like the color a little dark. Emerald green which resembles an emerald is the best choice.



A fun green color in the kitchen

Apart from the living room and bedroom, the kitchen is every family’s favorite area. If you have a hobby of cooking, decorate the kitchen with green nuances so that your cooking time will be even more enjoyable.

Bring a beautiful and fresh impression to your kitchen by choosing the right green color for kitchen furniture such as cabinets or applying it to wall paint.


The green kitchen feels even more refreshed by adding natural elements to the room. Brick walls, wooden furniture, and the use of natural light coming into the kitchen would complement the decor of this color.




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