How To Make Beautify Home With Skylights


The concept of open space is becoming very popular today. In addition to making the interior feel more spacious, open space also provides extra lighting that is energy efficient. If we talk about open space, of course, lighting is one thing that can’t be separated. Lighting itself is divided into two things, namely natural lighting obtained from sunlight and artificial lighting using lamps. Of course, the two things will complement each other, but it is better if natural lighting is prioritized because it has a good effect on health and of course energy savings.

Besides windows and glass doors, there are many creative ways to maximize the use of natural light, one of which is by installing skylights in certain rooms. The use of skylights not only helps you get natural lighting but can also beautify your home with a bright open concept. Skylights are very suitable to be placed in any area that requires extra lighting such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen which makes the atmosphere feel more refreshing because it is connected to the outdoors.

Definition of skylights

As the name suggests, skylight is a combination of two words, namely sky and light. Skylights are generally glass windows that are placed on the ceiling of the house to maximize the natural light that enters the room. So, this skylight is almost like a window but is located at the top of the building.


skylight function

Skylights are a great addition for those of you who love open space. Its functions are also very diverse, ranging from extra lighting, reducing humidity in the room, saving energy, presenting a broad impression, and bringing out the original color of the interior.


Types of skylights

In addition to its many functions, skylights are divided into several types, namely fixed skylights, ventilation skylights, and finally tubular skylights.

Skylights still have a function only to provide additional light in the room or show the outdoor view. This type of skylight is permanent and is only suitable to be placed in a room that really needs additional lighting.

Skylight ventilation is the best choice at this time. In addition to providing natural lighting, this skylight also functions as an air vent because it can be opened and closed. Ventilation skylights are very suitable to be placed in the living room or kitchen that is most often used for activities.

In contrast to other types of skylights, tubular skylights have a relatively small size. Tubulur is a type that is very suitable to be applied to rooms where it is not possible to design a type of ventilation or fixed openings.

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