How To Make Beautify Interior With Red Color


Many people think red is not suitable for any interior style, this color is often avoided because it looks flashy and makes the room feel more cramped. However, this assumption is not entirely true. In fact, you can also beautify the interior with red. Besides adding a statement to your interior, this color can make the atmosphere feel brighter. You can mix red with other colors when you want to decorate a room. Here are some ways how to make your interior look beautiful with a combination of red. Find the inspiration!

1. Using red wall paint

You can apply the entire wall with red paint for a bolder look. However, if you don’t like a flashy interior style, you can apply it on one part of the wall only. Add a white accent on the wall to make it look balanced.


2. Furniture in red

Apart from being used for its function, furniture is also very important to beautify your interior. Consider the design, function, size, placement and color you want to present. If you like red, you can put red furniture for a more modern style.


3. The room rug is red

In addition to furniture, the use of room rugs is also in great demand for modern home designs. The use of this rug will make the room feel warm and comfortable, in addition to adding a theme to the room. Use a red carpet to give a bright impression in the room.


4. The curtains are red

You don’t have to make red the dominant color. Just use a few simple décor elements such as curtains that are suitable for large rooms. These curtains not only make the room look beautiful, but also warm the atmosphere.


5. Red light design

Whatever your interior style, never neglect lighting! It is one of the important points that makes your room look bright and bright. For the red interior, add a matching colored lamp design that makes the display feel more pleasant. Use chandeliers or red lights for a modern look.


6. Red interior accessories

Every element of the decoration will not be complete without supporting accessories. In addition to accents, add red interior accessories to create a less monotonous impression. Make a red wall gallery, flower vase, or put a red chair cushion.



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