How To Make Relaxing Spa Bathroom At Home


Maybe you are familiar with the term spa? It is a form of body care that consists of various types and stages of treatment. For women, spa has become a common thing to do, especially to treat the body and beauty. But the spa turns out to have more functions than that, the spa can also help relax your body and mind to always look fit and prime.

Many people have turned their homes into a delightful spa area, and today we will start from the bathroom. Embrace the simple luxury of a bubble bath after a long day. In any season, a comfortable bath can restore your energy and productivity after a long day of activities. Luckily, you can easily make your own DIY spa bathroom so you can make a luxurious bath a part of your regular self-care routine. Here are some tips and more spa bathroom ideas for doing it!

Create a luxurious bubble bath

Nuance luxury spa can be created with a bubble bath with bubbles that will pamper yourself. With great-sounding music, spa bathroom décor, luxury bathroom fittings, it’s more than enough to have your own DIY spa day at home. You may not find this comfort anywhere else, even in a real spa.


Make sure the bathtub is always clean and well-maintained

For your relaxing comfort, make sure the bathtub is always maintained to ensure it is nice and clean. Hair and dust floating or stuck in the tub may make you feel uncomfortable and can’t get the best spa experience. So, clean the bath on a regular basis is very important if you want to bring home to the spa shades.

Place refreshing indoor plants

Create a beautiful and refreshing spa bathroom with some of your favorite houseplants. Besides looks luxurious, spa bath will look relaxed with plant life that surrounds the bathroom. Some types of plants such as betel nut or philodendron are very easy to grow in humid places, and the best part is that you can easily water them because they are in a water source.

Prepare a Bathtub Caddy to pamper you

Bathtub caddies or tub tray sits at the top of the tub, allowing you to store your books, snacks, candles, and other small luxuries that will pamper you. Bathtub caddies can also be an interesting part of the decor, choose a shape with wood for a natural look.


Bring your favorite snack or drink

If you are a foodie, bringing snacks and drinks to the spa bath is the best part. A beautiful dessert plate or your favorite dish is also a nice touch. Don’t forget to grab a drink of your choice as part of your luxurious bath.

Soothing aromatherapy

To make your luxurious bath more relaxed, add aromatherapy candles with a calming fragrance. This method is very effective for relaxing your mind and stretching the muscles that you are tired. Choose your favorite aromatherapy then enjoy the bath time after a long day of activities.

Soft lighting for a spa bathroom

No spa bathroom décor would be complete without soft and soothing lighting. Whether you use the LED lights that can be dimmed or more like candlelight with a romantic feel. Consider whether you find the lighting warm, nordic or dim, comfortable lighting to be more relaxed and create an atmosphere that is suitable for relaxing time.

Great bathroom storage area

Any bathroom design should be equipped with a good storage area to accommodate all your bathing needs. Spa bathrooms are no exception. Be sure to keep plush towels right next to the tub, storage shelves, and bath mats that are comfortable to use.

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