How To Make Small Kitchen Look A Bigger


Small kitchens are common in minimalist homes, especially for those of you who live in urban areas or apartments with limited land. However, it has a small kitchen like a challenge because we have to be clever in exploiting and around the existing space. Small kitchens tend to limit all activities to be not free.

The best solution is to make your small kitchen feel more spacious with some creative arrangements. From choosing the right design and decoration, to creating a functional recycling storage area. Today I’ve summarized how to make your small kitchen feel bigger than it actually is. Let’s check!

1. Kitchen concept and design

Determining the concept and design of the kitchen is very important to utilize every inch space that you have. If your kitchen is square, use a design with a U-shaped layout to make your small kitchen feel more functional.

Avoid placing a dividing wall that makes your small kitchen feel more cramped, create an open kitchen concept that seems relieved and more spacious.


2. Kitchen color and decoration

Do not let you choose the wrong color for a small kitchen. The use of color and the right kitchen decor will determine the comfort when you are in the kitchen, avoid striking colors and only use neutral colors so that the kitchen feel more spacious.

You can use classic minimalist kitchen decorations with monochromatic color dominance, or just use soft colors like white or cream to avoid the impression of a dark kitchen.


3. Use kitchen shelves on the wall

If your kitchen is no longer possible for the storage area, you can benefit from a kitchen wall with a functional kitchen shelf. Choose stacked kitchen shelves for extra storage area, with stacked kitchen shelves you can store kitchen utensils vertically.

The advantage of kitchen wall shelves is that they don’t take up much space and make it easier for you when you want to reach for things because of their open shape.


4. Functional kitchen furniture

Choosing the right and functional furniture will go a long way in making your kitchen feel bigger. One way is to choose a functional kitchen shelf at the kitchen table or put a hanging rack for storing glasses and cups.

If it is still possible you can also create a small dining area that does not take up much space.


5. Natural lighting

It is very important to make good air circulation in your kitchen. In addition, the placement of the windows allows natural light to enter. A kitchen that is exposed to natural sunlight will give a brighter and lively impression.


6. Bright kitchen lights

If your kitchen is not too much receive natural light from outside, you can work around this by installing a bright kitchen lights. For this problem, natural light can indeed be replaced with a quality chandelier or kitchen lamp.

Good lighting is important for a small kitchen because it will make the room look brighter and cleaner


7. Maximize kitchen storage space

One of the best ways to make a small kitchen feel bigger is to maximize your kitchen storage space. Put a special kitchen cabinets or kitchen set equipped with adequate storage unit. This method is indeed more practical than you have to leave items or kitchen utensils messy outside.


8. Get outdoors

Kitchens that are connected to the outdoors can give a comfortable and spacious feeling. You can make a kitchen with an open concept or integrated into the outdoors. Use glass as a barrier or leave it open for better air circulation



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