10 Beautiful Indoor Planter Ideas With Natural Light


Any room will look fresher by placing plants in the room. However, caring for indoor plants is indeed more difficult than if you do it outdoors. In addition to choosing the right type of plant, some plants still need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. As we know, natural light plays an important role in growing any type of plant. That’s the reason why natural lighting is the number one priority on our must-have room list.

I’m a big fan of houseplants, and this green space not only makes for a refreshing oasis in the middle of the city but is filled with natural light as well. And the same is true in my search for any room in the house. So today I’m excited to share some of our favorite indoor planter ideas, places where I can relax or sunbathe in the morning.

1. Window Seat


A window seat is a great addition to a small room. Create a private garden and enjoy the great outdoors while relaxing all day.

2. Cozy Bedroom


I prefer to be in bed on cold days, and there’s nothing more refreshing than enjoying the warmth of the sun peeking through the window.

3. Bright Living Room


A bright living room makes anyone feel excited. If your living room is filled with light, you only need to place some ornamental plants there.

4. Hanging Window Plants


Hanging plants give you more space on the floor. Just hang them near the window for an aesthetic look.

5. Natural Kitchen


The cooking atmosphere becomes more fun with some ornamental plants. Place in plant pots or hang your favorite plants near doors and windows.

6. Simple Home Office


A cozy workspace doesn’t have to be complicated because you just need an inspiring space. From outdoor views, plants, to natural light that will make you more focused.

7. Plant Dividers


The concept of open space has proven to be effective so that it looks spacious. If your room is filled with light, you may still need a room divider, and this indoor plant idea will take care of that.

8. Wood Dining Room


The dining room atmosphere feels warmer with wood accents. From dining table sets to plant arrangements, this room looks brighter with large windows.

9. Corner Garden


Your corner of the room is filled with light? try to make a mini garden in the corner of a beautiful room. There are many pots and plant collections that you can place in this corner.

10. Fresh Bathroom


There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a shower on a hot day. Despite its small size, the bathroom feels refreshing with natural lighting and indoor plants.


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