10 Creative Ways To Organize Your Home With IKEA Trofast

The IKEA Trofast is one of the most widely used pieces of furniture as an easy, practical and child-friendly storage solution. Having a sturdy frame and a detachable box, you can create storage combinations according to your needs.

Not only as storage furniture, there are many ways to hack IKEA Trofast for various purposes in various spaces. Trofast has become an important part of making it easier for many people to organize their homes, and today we’ve rounded up some creative ways to use Trofast to any room in the house!

1. A place to store your little one’s favorite toys and collectibles


Trofast is designed with a sturdy wooden frame and a lightweight plastic box that is easy for your child to pull. The height is also low so that it is easily accessible for your little one, they will find it easier to find or store whatever toys to their favorite collectibles. In addition to the choice of white box, Trofast also comes in a variety of color choices that your little one likes.

2. Convenient storage and child seat


In addition to being a versatile storage area, the wide top of the Trofast allows you to use it as a bench or reading corner for your little one. Sturdy wooden frame can withstand the weight of children to older siblings. Add pads, pillows, to soft blankets to increase your child’s comfort.

3. Bunk bed ladder and storage area


Bunk beds are often used as a solution for small rooms, especially for those of you who have more than one child. Use the IKEA trofast as an area to access the stairs by arranging them in the form of a staircase. In this area, you can also add a practical storage box for small sims.

4. All parts of IKEA Trofast can be used


Want to have a cabinet to display your various collections? You can use the IKEA Trofast top as a table to show off your collection or organize things that don’t fit in a box. To make it look more aesthetic, use a unique staircase-shaped Trofast.

5. Practical kids wardrobe


Hack IKEA Trofast with a choice of attractive colors and then turn it into a kids wardrobe. This idea is very practical because you can store a variety of children’s equipment from clothes to their accessories in this area. Its not too big size makes this Trofast wardrobe very suitable to be placed in rooms with limited sizes.

6. Walk in closet that hides the mess


If the concept of your wardrobe or walk in closet is hidden. The Ikea Trofast is a great choice because it won’t take up much space in your room. Hide in cabinets or built-in walls to create a wider impression of the room.

7. Multifunctional kids study table


Trofast can be combined as a practical study table for your little one. You can use the upper part as a desk, while the lower part will make the study space more organized. To get a wider table surface, you can combine two Trofast storage furniture.

8. Make your workspace neater


Trofast storage is not only used for the children’s room. You can place IKEA Trofast in your workspace to make sure your every need and need is well organized. Choose a large box for the workspace so that it doesn’t seem childish and you can store more work equipment.

9. Easy and practical storage in the kitchen


The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the home, and you can build functional storage in this area. Trofast can be used as a place to store cutlery and other kitchen utensils. In addition, the top of the Trofast can also be used as a mini kitchen table.


10. Trofast as a bookcase that your little one likes


Not only as a place to store toys, Trofast furniture can also be converted into a bookcase that your little one will love. Its low-key design allows children to store and find their favorite books.

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