10 Easy Ways To Make Balcony Gardening Ideas


Limited land is often the most common problem for those who live in urban areas. The narrowness of the land and the difficulty of arranging the corners of a small room make many people reluctant to garden outside the room. In fact, creating a green thumb can be a solution for a more refreshing space in the middle of the city.

For those of you who live in apartments or residences with more than one floor, usually have a balcony area as the only area you can access when you want to be outside. Despite its small size, the balcony can be turned into a pleasant gardening area.

Create your own green paradise by planting various collections of flowers and plants on the balcony. Make the most of every inch you have with the right plant arrangements. Starting from making vertical gardens, placing plant stands, to amazing mini greenhouses. Here are some easy ways to make balcony gardening ideas!

1. Mini-sized greenhouse, of course, will not take up much space on your balcony. In addition, the use of a greenhouse is also good for plant growth because it is protected and we can be more intense in care.


2. Combining several plant racks can accommodate more types of plants. Arrange it in the corner of the balcony as a place to put your various pots and plant collections.


3. Take advantage of the wall as a vertical balcony garden. For a small balcony, this idea is very easy and practical.


4. Give a modern impression to your balcony garden by choosing the right plant stand. In addition to being a plant rack, you can also hang plants on rails.


5. Take advantage of unused items to create a raised bed garden on the balcony. Use a wooden crate or storage box for gardening.


6. It’s not just a hobby of gardening. Balcony gardens can also add aesthetic value to your residence.


7. Vertical gardens are a practical solution for small spaces, and balconies are no exception. Use a wire grid to display your plant collection.


8. Wooden plant stands are a classic and always effective idea to place on your small balcony.


9. If your balcony is small, you can use the balcony railing as a place to hang plants.


10. Hanging pots is also a brilliant vertical garden idea.



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