10 Unexpected Kids Play Area That Blends Into Your Interior

Prioritizing knowledge in children is indeed important for their development. However, you also can’t ignore the imagination which is the world for your little one. As we know, knowledge is only limited to what we know whereas imagination is everything we know, don’t know, or even anything in between. For a child, imagination can be anything that is expected to involve their play area. This is one of the important factors in shaping his view of the world.

Sometimes you don’t even know what’s on your children’s mind. They enjoy pretend play or are busy in their own world. Imagination helps develop critical thinking skills and realize their imagination in something more creative. It can also be helpful in overcoming space limitations when you can’t give them a dedicated playroom.

Here I’ve put together some unexpected kids play area ideas that really blend into your interior. Watch how your little ones develop and then discover whatever they love from simple things at home!

1. Under the dining table is the perfect area for a play house. Turn tablecloths into doors and windows for entry and exit.


2. Not just a room divider. This room divider design can also be a fun playhouse in any space.


3. Girls prefer to help their mother in the kitchen. Now, you can make it kid-friendly by creating a special play kitchen for your little one.


4. Do not leave the area under the stairs neglected. Turn it into a cozy hidden play area for kids to relax.


5. Your little one has acting talent? support their wishes by creating a simple acting station. You can use the door to create a drama screen.


6. This living room is really functional and fun for kids to play. There is a race track that blends with the sofa which is definitely safe.


7. If Lego or stacking blocks is your kids favorite. Create a more fun play area by making use of the window glass area.


8. This is a great way to combine two functions in one piece of furniture. Design a display cabinet as well as a playhouse for your little one’s toy collection.


9. Need a hidden and easily accessible play area idea? You can store kids toys under the bed.


10. Surprise your little one by building a secret playroom in the wardrobe. This idea is inspired by the Narnia film which has been popular in recent years.



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