12 Best TV Room Plant Decor To Stay In Nature

Not every family room has a fun entertainment area, but every TV room is sure to be a favorite area for the family. That is why, the TV room must be decorated as beautiful and comfortable as possible because here you will often spend time at home. From watching your favorite TV shows to being a cozy corner to spend the weekend, the TV room is now not only a complementary room but also an important part of your home.

Various ways are done to beautify the TV room, and giving a natural accent may be one of the best ways to increase comfort. This natural element consists of plant shelves, large pots with green plants, flower vases, or even vines that give a unique impression to the room.

Here you will find a variety of ingenious ways on how to turn your TV room into a beautiful green thumb, so allow me to inspire you with our pick of 12 best TV room plant decorations!

1. Among the many types of houseplants, vines are a great and unique addition to your TV room.


2. Bohemian interior style is always synonymous with many indoor plants. If you like this interior style, try placing it in the TV room.


3. Create a lush forest atmosphere in your TV room. This idea will make you feel like you are in nature.


4. Integrating TV room with living room is an effective way to get around the limitations of space. In order not to look monotonous, give natural accents with houseplants.


5. Take advantage of the TV wall area by placing shelves for various plant collections.


6. To make the small TV room look wider, you can work around this with a large mirror placed right behind the green plants.


7. Industrial TV room design is perfect for those of you who like masculine-style interiors. Use recycled furniture with a combination of greenery to emphasize the style you want.


8. A brick wall is a great backdrop for a TV room, this wall goes well with houseplants.


9. From cabinets to furniture sets, everything is made of warm wood. Place various kinds of houseplants around the TV to make the room feel more cozy.


10. Although small, this TV room design feels beautiful and minimalist with a white color scheme and the placement of plants in the room.


11. For those who like a simple and minimalist TV room design, you can choose a large plant to beautify the room.


12. Take advantage of the empty area in the corner of the TV room for houseplant rack. This idea is very practical and functional.



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