12 Creative Ways To Refresh Your Room With Grass


A beautiful and beautiful house filled with plants is everyone’s dream. However, caring for indoor plants is not as easy as imagined. Besides you have to take the time to take care of plants, your budget will certainly also swell if you buy gardening equipment or add several types of plants at an expensive price. If you still want to make the room greener, you can add artificial plants to types of plants that are easy to grow in any weather conditions, one of which is grass or artificial grass.

For certain types of grass plants can grow vertically on the wall. This vertical garden idea has been in great demand, especially for modern housing to urban areas. The use of a vertical garden not only overcomes the limitations of land but also as a solution for those of you who crave a beautiful green room.

While artificial turf is easier to apply because it doesn’t require maintenance, you just need to clean it regularly to avoid dust and keep it looking beautiful. As the name implies, synthetic turf is a surface material made of synthetic fibers and is used as an alternative to real grass. Synthetic grass is ideal in spaces where plants cannot grow or where maintaining any plant is nearly impossible. Here are some room inspirations with grass decorations that you can apply to freshen up the room!

1. A cozy reading corner with a hanging chair will look more aesthetically pleasing with a grass wall. Pair it with various types of houseplants and you will feel like you are reading outdoors.


2. Working from home is more demanding of your focus and concentration. To clear your mind and restore your mood, you can decorate the walls of your home office with grass. The green and fresh nuances presented will make you feel comfortable work at home.


3. Small parties at home to drinking stations will be much more fun with a grass wall background. For a modern feel, you can add neon lights that make a statement.


4. The bathroom feels cooler and fresher with natural grass walls. To make it seem wider, install a large wall mirror surrounded by grass.


5. The wall area on the stairs is usually left empty and neglected. Now you can decorate it with a wall of synthetic grass or moss. This area is also ideal for placing storage shelves.


6. The atmosphere of cooking and enjoying the dish will feel more spacious with a grass wall. Suitable for those of you who live in apartments and do not have land for gardening.


7. Bring a tropical feel to your living room with artificial grass walls and monstera leaf decorations. This decoration will attract the attention of every guest who comes.


8. A small balcony can be transformed into a very comfortable one by adding a touch of nature. In addition to placing ornamental plants on the balcony, decorate the balcony floor using a grass rug.


9. This grass wall decoration is very beautiful with flower decoration. A practical solution for those of you who want to create a room with a romantic style or ideas for decorating a small party at home.


10. Besides being luxurious, this dining room also looks beautiful with a grass wall. The modern impression can be seen from the use of LED lights that surround every part of the grass wall.


11. Anyone will want to wake up with a refreshing atmosphere. In addition to the wood elements on the walls and floor of the bedroom, add a grass wall that makes the room feel greener.


12. The terrace is a favorite area as a family gathering place to a children’s play room at home. To be safer and more comfortable, you can install a floor or grass rug on the terrace of the house.



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