12 Easy DIY Ramadan And Eid Banner Ideas

Make this month of Ramadan even more memorable with DIY projects that are easy to make with kids. If you already have a decoration plan, then adding DIY Ramadan and Eid banners will beautify your home. Banners are an easy and practical way to enliven your Ramadan decorations. This idea would look great in any room in the house, such as the living room, dining room, fireplace mantle, or simply as a wall hanging.

Kids will love this DIY banner project, you can invite them to make art and craft projects to celebrate Ramadan and Eid. As we know, sometimes children will be less enthusiastic during the month of Ramadan, maybe fasting is still too hard and you can restore their joy with fun activities.

If the banners don’t catch the kids’ attention, you can help them out and they can decorate each section as they wish. Here are some easy DIY Ramadan and Eid banner inspirations to try at home!

1. Make a Ramadan banner creation using colorful pieces of paper. Although it seems simple, this idea will enliven your party.


2. Combining banners with decorative Ramadan displays can make your Ramadan atmosphere even more memorable.


3. This DIY Eid banner project is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful sign.


4. Besides walls, display cabinets or built-in shelves are also great areas to display Ramadan banners.


5. There is nothing more interesting than making DIY mosque banners during the month of Ramadan.


6. In some areas, the month of Ramadan will feel a little cold. If you’re planning to liven up a fireplace, try placing a Ramadan banner as a focal point in the décor.


7. The living room is the best place in the house to show everyone who comes that you are celebrating Ramadan.


8. Sometimes simple ideas like printed paper, string light, and wall wire can be a beautiful combination for a Ramadan banner.


9. Celebrate the time for sahur and iftar by decorating the dining room. You can also add Ramadan banners and balloons to make the atmosphere even more fun.


10. Farmhouse-style Ramadan you can make it happen with cloth banners. This banner idea goes well with vintage-style décor.


11. Ramadan banners with golden shades will make the room look bright. Make a banner in the shape of a mosque or star and then hang it from the ceiling.


12. Want to create a romantic atmosphere during the month of Ramadan? You can choose feminine colors like pink or gold. Make Ramadan table arrangements, flower vases, and banners with Ramadan nuances to complement.



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