12 Recycled DIY Chandelier Design On Low Budget

Unlike the main light, chandeliers or decorative lights are usually used to beautify a room. In general, lamps with beautiful designs are often complementary in the living room or family room. That is why, most of these chandeliers have a luxurious and elegant design. In addition, chandeliers are also priced quite expensive. The reason is, the main material consists of crystals, porcelain ceramics, and there is even a type of chandelier that is plated with gold.

Fortunately, many designers and DIY lovers are trying to create chandeliers from recycled materials. Taking from unused and easy-to-find materials around the house, this chandelier idea is no less beautiful than the ones you can buy at the store. Even with creativity, some of these chandelier designs are created from unexpected materials.

Curious how the results? Here are 12 DIY chandelier designs made from recycled materials that will set your room apart from the rest, please scroll down and find your favorite ideas!

1. This chandelier design is made from an arrangement of wooden beads. You can hang it above the dining table to add a beautiful natural impression.


2. Have a lot of clothespins at home? You can use this material into a chandelier that is no less beautiful.


3. Glass bottles or drink bottles can also be turned into a unique chandelier design. The various colors of this drink bottle will give off an unusual light.


4. From glassware, in the hands of creative people can turn into an elegant chandelier.


5. Want to bring an industrial feel to the room? You can try the choice of a ball-shaped chandelier surrounded by an iron plate.


6. Old paper and books are often considered trash, even though you can create an antique-style chandelier with these recycled materials.


7. For those who like industrial interior styles, you can string spoons to turn into a stylish chandelier.


8. From the arrangement of test tubes combined with a beautiful flower arrangement, be an aesthetic chandelier.


9. For a minimalist room, you can make a chandelier from tree branch. In addition to being natural, this chandelier design will also make your room more beautiful.


10. For a vintage -style room, use a set of unused keys as a chandelier. The room will look dramatic with this chandelier.


11. Cool, classic and stylish. Maybe that’s what describes the chandelier design of this old camera. The lens part can be converted into a bulb holder.


12. For those who like to collect wine, you must be familiar with this chandelier. Made from wine corks arranged into a unique chandelier design.



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