15 Creative DIY Cactus And Succulents Decor At Home

Adding houseplants into the room can give a beautiful and refreshing feel. Plants, which are mostly green, can actually keep your mood and boost your immune system to be more productive. Green is always successful in creating a calm, peaceful effect, refreshing the room and adding aesthetic value.

A house with lots of plants is also believed to be good for health. Besides refreshing the eyes, various types of ornamental plants can bring a lot of oxygen. Although it sounds interesting, caring for plants at home certainly requires a lot of land. So what if you don’t have land or live in a house with a limited area? The solution, you need to choose small plants such as cacti and succulents.

Succulents are now in great demand because of their tiny shape and cute colors. At first glance, this juicy plant looks like a cactus, but there are slight differences between the two. Physically succulents have petals like leaves. Meanwhile, cacti replace leaf tissue in the form of spines. So all cacti are succulent plants. But not all succulents are cacti.

These two plants need more light than other types of plants, and cacti and succulents should not be given too much water. Luckily, they don’t require much maintenance so you can display them in creative ways. Here we’ve rounded up cactus and succulent decorating ideas at home with some of our favorite DIY projects!

1. Succulents are a type of mini plant that can be transformed into any shape, including wreaths.


2. Plant racks are the easiest way to display your cactus and succulent collections at home.


3. Cacti and succulents are types of plants that need a lot of sunlight. That is why, the windowsill is the best area to place this plant.


4. Make your own succulent dish in a unique way from a wooden tray. Make decorations or decorative displays on the coffee table.


5. If you want to save space, you can use an empty area on the wall to show off your cactus and succulent collection.


6. Create an aesthetic succulent decoration using glass cups with colorful sand.


7. Besides displaying them on the wall, you can also hang succulent plants as part of the decoration.


8. Add a pot cover of wicker or rattan for cactus plants. Choose a cactus that is large enough to be displayed on the stairs of the house.


9. Placing a succulent in a simple glass case will look amazing with the right settings. Cover the planting medium using gravel or decorative stones to beautify it.


10. Terracotta pots are a natural and beautiful way to display your cactus collection.


11. The combination of a large pot and a small pot will suit a minimalist interior style.


12. Present a natural impression by arranging succulents in wooden pots or tree branches.


13. Displaying succulents in each mini pot is also interesting as a home decoration.


14. Create a vintage and unique feel with recycled materials. You can replace succulent pots with old items like typewriters, radios, old books, and more.


15. Succulent decorations can also be used as table centerpieces. Arrange in a wooden box and place in the center of the table as a dinner decoration or during the festive season.



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