15 Unique And Modern Calendar Ideas For 2023

It doesn’t realize that we are already at the end of 2022, and that means we will welcome a new beginning and a new year in 2023. As if it has become a tradition, at the turn of the year, many people will hunt for calendars as a reminder of their schedule and activities both at home and at work. office. Even though a smartphone already has its features, life feels incomplete if you don’t have a calendar. In a matter of weeks, the year will quickly change and maybe it’s time to find your favorite 2023 calendar ideas.

If you feel this year seems to be fleeting, then you are not alone so we just have to accept it. So, before we forget that time flies, I’m here to share some unique calendar ideas with a modern look that will make you want to rush into the year ahead.

Most of the calendars are DIY projects or you can order them at your local print shop. From adorable desk calendars to hanging calendars that make the room more aesthetically pleasing. Here are 15 inspirations for you!

1. Classic calendar designs are never timeless. Black, white, and red accents for the holidays are always eye-catching.


2. Although it looks delicious with colorful donut shapes. This is a 2023 calendar set that makes your life even more enjoyable.


3. If you are a busy person, and never have time to change the calendar every year. This perpetual calendar still looks beautiful on your desk.


4. At first glance, the design of this calendar is not much different from the calendar in general. However, there is a secret pocket where you can slip a memo as a reminder of certain days.


5. I think it’s not just adults who want to have one. Simple card calendar with adorable cartoon characters. Equipped with a mini wooden stand as a place to place cards, there are lots of cute characters here.


6. It’s not just a calendar! In addition to its unique design, this calendar can also be used as an educational tool for children’s learning at home.


7. Capture every moment of your photos with your family or partner on the calendar. Create a DIY photo polaroid as well as a calendar that you can display anywhere you want.


8. You can make a free printed calendar yourself by adding a cardboard or board mat. This calendar design looks beautiful hanging on the wall or on a desk.


9. Minimalist hanging calendar with a beautiful classic touch. This calendar design also serves as a beautiful wall display at the beginning of the year.


10. Calendar as well as a decorative display? from afar you will only see a beautiful mural decoration but if you get closer it is a calendar that will beautify the room.


11. An animal-shaped calendar will make anyone fall in love. It’s best to keep it away from children if you don’t want them to play with it!


12. This unique calendar design features a wardrobe form in a lovely little box. Place it on your desk as a decoration and you only have to open the calendar when you want to see the schedule.


13. Has the shape of a bicycle with the wheels as a calendar. This calendar design will be a great decoration on your desk.


14. If you still want a holiday style, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a hanging calendar design with cool accents. This calendar is in the form of an envelope so that you can add dates to notes on it.


15. At first glance, it just looks like a colorful wall display. The beautiful combination of colors, frames and themes will not make you think that this is a collection of wall calendars.



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