20 Awesome Rooftop Pool Designs For Limited Space


Having a narrow yard or outdoor space is not an obstacle to realizing your dream swimming pool. Rooftop pool designs are a great way to get around confined spaces, especially if you’re adding a spa area that’s perfect for those of you looking to bring luxury into the outdoors. Take advantage of every inch of the area you have on the roof to turn it into a custom swimming pool or rooftop spa design to fit any space you can imagine.

Currently, swimming pools are not always big and luxurious, there are many variants of swimming pools that can be adapted to space needs, including the design of a rooftop swimming pool which is in great demand. This swimming pool model varies, making it easier for you to apply it according to your budget and the area of ??the roof you have. Whether you have wide or narrow land.

Today we’ve rounded up some rooftop swimming pool inspirations that will let you relax all day long. To realize your dream swimming pool and also adjust to the size of the available land. Let’s see!


Various rooftop pool designs

In terms of design, there are many models of rooftop swimming pools that you can apply by choosing the right material. Ideally a rooftop pool made of stainless steel or copper which is perfect for rooftop pool designs or spa installations. Some models of swimming pools are also made of concrete to translucent glass with a strong thickness. For the concept of a see-through roof swimming pool, it does give its own sensation when you swim. You will get a better view from any angle, whether seen from under the rooftop directly or from the bottom of the swimming pool.

There is also a small rooftop swimming pool design. Usually this swimming pool is often used as a spa area or a comfortable soaking pool in the summer. The small-sized rooftop swimming pool design is perfect for those of you who have limited land or a minimalist-style two-story house. Due to its small size, it is still possible to add various elements of decoration such as outdoor benches, dining tables, to outdoor kitchens.













More rooftop pool ideas

For those of you who are lucky to have a house that is quite spacious and consists of several buildings, try combining it with an infinity roof pool. The combination of these several houses certainly makes the size of the swimming pool wider as well. This is a practical solution for those of you who want a standard-sized swimming pool on the roof, and also the infinity pool will give you a more enjoyable swimming sensation.

Unlike the swimming pool above, the minimalist swimming pool model emphasizes your decoration and comfort. Although limited in size, a minimalist-style swimming pool can still be a favorite area for you and your family. Usually equipped with comfortable outdoor furniture, floor decks, glass barriers, houseplants, and much more. Find more of our handpicked rooftop pool inspiration below!








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