20 Cool Brick Kitchen Backsplashes With Industrial Style


There are many things to consider when we choose the right kitchen design. As we know, the kitchen is like the heart of a house. This area is not only a place to cook, but also a place where families can gather when starting activities. Between choosing the layout, furniture, and color scheme, maybe right now I’m more focused on the fun thing, which is the backsplash which refers to the kitchen wall material. Backsplashes can span the entire wall or part of your kitchen wall, they can pop behind the reach, or they can serve as a barrier between countertops and cabinets.

In choosing a backsplash, it is very important to determine the style of your kitchen. Do you like a calming rustic style or a modern one with clean lines? You will always find the textures and colors presented from the kitchen backsplash. Among the many kitchen backsplash options, we really like how the exposed brick wall gives it a stylish look. They look really cool for an industrial design, and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants their kitchen to look masculine. You’re sure to fall in love with at least one of the brick backsplash ideas below.

Find the best brick walls, from exposed brick walls to white brick and natural brick walls. Please scroll down and find your favorite!


Brick kitchen backsplash

Brick walls are probably one of the best backsplash wall materials. This is a great choice for any kitchen style, especially for those of you who like industrial designs. The antique impression is seen from the brick texture with terracotta color, very suitable to be combined with metal furniture or masculine-style lighting. Brick backsplashes give you a natural look, they blend easily with a variety of materials including wood, metal or aluminum elements. While classic, a brick backsplash can be a great addition to a modern kitchen.

The brick backsplash sets a historic and lively atmosphere for the modern kitchen. Add industrial lighting such as wall lamps or chandeliers to amplify the atmosphere and make you feel comfortable. You can display all parts of the kitchen wall or only a small part of the brick backsplash, from natural red brick or brick with a certain color scheme that is easy to match with your kitchen scheme.












Why choose a brick kitchen backsplash?

Some backsplash walls may just be covered with wallpaper, and I don’t think it’s effective for long term use. Real brick kitchens are not only timeless, they evoke nostalgia, warmth, and depth of character that you might not find in other materials. It’s a popular material for adding an industrial touch to any kitchen style, expanded brick walls are great, and the kitchen is no exception.

One option being considered might be placing an exposed brick wall. However, the drawback is that they are quite thick and heavy during installation. You can definitely do it, especially if you’re a fan of industrial interior styles or don’t mind losing a few inches of room and kitchen space to support some of the extra weight. If you just want to use bricks between the countertop and the top kitchen cabinets, something thinner will be much more practical than building an entire brick wall and covering most of it with cabinets.









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