20 Creative Cat Ladder And Stair Ideas For Outdoors


Cats are one of the pets that can be humans’ best friends. In addition to dogs, this furry friend is also easy to manage and does not require expensive maintenance costs. The reason is, cats are obedient pets and we can train them so they don’t cause chaos in the house. If you’re a cat lover, making your home cat-friendly and just feeding them won’t be enough. Even though cats are sleepy animals, they prefer to be outdoors rather than staying at home.

This cat habit may not be a problem because they will always come back home. However, it’s different if you live in an apartment or house level, cats find it difficult because there is no access to enter the house. Today we’ve rounded up some creatively designed cat ladders and exterior ladders to make it easier for cats to climb into the house. From simple wooden stairs, minimalist stairs, to really futuristic stairs, this is a practical solution to pamper your beloved cat!


Cat ladder attached to the wall

There are many creative ways to build an outdoor ladders. The easiest step is to place the staircase design near the wall as access to the house. It could be a window or a vent that your cat can pass through. Some designs of stairs also have unique shapes and colors. Do you want to create a circular cat ladder, in a classic style, or add a touch of color that invites cats to climb to the top? Here are more cat ladder inspirations that you can apply outdoors!




Ladder design that blends into the wall

Unlike the common staircase design, this staircase design focuses more on wall decoration. If you don’t want to add an extra ladder across the room, a cat ladder that attaches to the wall will save you a lot of money. This staircase design is also more practical because you only need to add shelves or shelves that are integrated into the wall.





DIY cat ladder

For cat fans, of course, they want to give the best for their pets. Making a DIY ladder is an easy way to make it your own. That way, you can design the stairs as safely and as attractively as possible, you can even adjust them to the area of ??the walls you have. Make an unusual ladder shape, the more unique it is, the better it is to show your love for your pet cat. You can use a variety of materials from wood, metal, or even scrap pieces, color with paint for a more eye-catching look.




As outdoor play area

Not only as a road or access to the house. The cat ladder is also the perfect outdoor play area. Your cat will love playing around the ladder, and this ladder will make the perfect nap. Some staircase designs can also serve as fun cat trees.










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