21 Black Bedroom Design That Bring Masculine Accents


Black is always synonymous with men’s style with an image that is masculine, elegant, luxurious, and mysterious at the same time. Many people choose black as part of their lifestyle, interior design is no exception. A black bedroom is not only easy to combine with other colors, but also gives a cool look at every occasion.

But unfortunately, when it comes to bedroom interior styles, many people prefer to avoid using black because it seems gloomy. In fact, there are several ways you can do to make a black bedroom look cool and elegant.

First of all, you need to choose the right bedroom design settings, starting from the color composition, blending with furniture and decorations, to determining lighting. For those of you who are interested in bringing black into your most private space, here I have collected some black bedroom inspiration and how to apply it to your space. Let’s check!


Bedroom dominated by black

If you are a lover of black, of course, it is not a problem to apply this color to all parts of the interior. From wall paint, furniture, bed linen, even floors and ceilings. However, the use of this black color might make the bedroom feel cramped so you need to work around this by making an open space or mixing several types of lighter black. Provide lighting so that the room does not feel dark, such as standing lights or neon lights that give a statement on black walls.


Pair with neutral colors

Do you want your black bedroom to look more aesthetic? try combining it with various neutral colors such as white, brown, or gray. The color division can be adjusted to the concept of your bedroom based on the area in the room. For example, for the bed area, walls, and bed linen, use all black. While other areas such as the corner of the room or one of the walls use other colors to separate each area according to its function.


Cozy and modern black bedroom

A black bedroom doesn’t always have to look dark and mysterious. The use of this black color gives a cool impression so that it makes you feel cozy. All black elements also give a modern impression that is suitable for men. This can be seen from the use of minimalist furniture and choosing the right wall color. You can add some extra cozy space in a black bedroom, such as a workspace, walk-in-closet or an eye-catching wall art gallery. This extra room is not only practical but also makes it easier for you to do your activities.


Timeless black and white bedroom

The black masculine bedroom combined with the white color is never timeless. The combination of black and white is also suitable for any room style. Although the combination of these two colors feels interesting, try to give more black proportions to make it more elegant. In order not to be boring, present minimalist patterns and textures on black walls such as wood, concrete, or brick accents.

Here are more black bedroom ideas that you can copy at home!


















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