22 Fun Summer Pool Ideas That Kids Will Love


The swimming pool is the best relaxation facility for you and your family. If you need an outdoor entertainment zone during the summer, then there’s nothing wrong with building a swimming pool that is accessible to all ages. From adults to children, doing any activity in the swimming pool will feel fun. You can easily teach swimming to children. In addition, children can swim safely because this pool idea was designed for children.

Many people think that building a swimming pool costs a lot of money. The solution, you need to choose a mini pond design that is suitable for limited land. Not only kid-friendly, a small-sized swimming pool is also more budget-friendly. Before building a kids pool at home, there are several things you need to consider for the comfort and safety of children. Here are some inspirational children’s pools that are suitable for minimalist homes, now scroll down and find your favorite!


Kids pool on limited land

A comfortable swimming pool does not have to be big and luxurious. You can even take advantage of the limited land to turn it into a fun children’s pool. Before building a kids pool, make sure the size and scale are right between the land you have and the swimming pool. Choose a pool design that is not too big such as circular, elongated, or you can also build a plunge pool on a narrow area.


Swimming pool safety comes first

Kids usually love to play in the pool without knowing what dangers can occur. That’s why securing the swimming pool should be your main focus. Try to build a swimming pool with a depth that can still be tolerated by children. If the swimming pool is deep, of course, it will be dangerous for them because the children are still not proficient in swimming. Make a barrier or handrail for swimming pool poles, or a ladder that connects the floor to the pool.


Swimming pool with slide

A kids pool would not be complete without a slide. Make the pool in your home child-friendly by presenting a water slide. Any swimming pool design with a waterslide can become a playground for children and their friends during holidays and weekends.


Swimming pool with playhouse

Besides slides, building a playhouse to a tree house connected to a swimming pool is a fun idea. Not just swimming, children will be happy to do activities such as playing to adventure outdoors. This playhouse idea will become their favorite over the summer.


DIY kids pool

With some creativity and a little budget, you can even build a DIY pool for kids. Build a swimming pool from tarpaulins, stock tanks, or build them above ground. You can even combine it with outdoor areas such as the outdoor living and dining room. This idea is not only practical, it will also not spend a lot of budget in the making. Enjoy the kids pool inspiration below!


















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