25 Tiny Swimming Pools That Will Make Your Dream Come True


The garden area or backyard is generally an area for relaxing outdoors. From building a terrace, gazebo, fish pond, to a minimalist swimming pool. It doesn’t have to be big, you can even build a refreshing green osis on limited land. Among outdoor landscape ideas, perhaps the swimming pool is one that not everyone has. In addition to requiring a large budget, many people think that swimming pools always take up a lot of space in any area you build it.

If you are creative enough, small land makes residents usually have creativity in maximizing the existing land. You can also make a private swimming pool at home by making the size of the pool not too large. For the location of the pool, just take advantage of the vacant land in the backyard or any area that is connected to the outdoors.

The existence of a small swimming pool at home makes residents feel at home because it has a fun entertainment zone. Not only parents, but even children will enjoy it very much. Your little one will feel happy and enthusiastic because they really like to play with water. A swimming pool is a great way to cool off on a hot day, a cozy plunge pool to relax in, or simply add an element of water to your outdoors. Make your dream come true by owning a private swimming pool. Small doesn’t matter! Find your favorite now, maybe one of these tiny swimming pool ideas is what you’re looking for.


Tiny swimming pool design

To get around limited land, choosing a pool design is the first thing you have to do. The common design is a rectangular swimming pool that can be built on the side or backyard. This classic-style swimming pool is still popular today because there is still an area for swimming even though it is only elongated. Another option, the plunge pool is perfect for a really small area. The size is not too big but can blend with the landscape and outdoor furniture that you have. This is a wading pool which is great for relaxing.


Adding outdoor decorations and furniture

It is very important to make your swimming pool feel comfortable. If the size is not large, you can add various supporting decoration elements such as gazebos, outdoor furniture, swings, or even hammocks around the pool. The size of the small swimming pool may only accommodate one or two people, while others can still feel relaxed around the pool with the facilities you provide.


Tiny indoor pool or integrated with the interior

Many people harbored their dream of owning a swimming pool because of the problem of not having land. Even though you can take advantage of the indoor area by building a family swimming pool. Even if you are indoors, make sure the swimming pool is connected to the garden or outdoor yard. Create a wall or glass door as a barrier that blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor


Tiny nature-inspired swimming pool

Any swimming pool design will feel fresher when connected to nature. That’s why it’s so important to add plants or landscapes around the pond. From beautiful tropical swimming pools, to holiday pools, you can even bring the hotel atmosphere to a private pool. Check out more tiny swimming pool inspiration below!






















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