7 Coziest Living Room Design In The Floors

Bringing a cozy impression to the living room can be done in various ways. Apart from choosing furniture and choosing the right decoration, you can try different concepts such as placing it on the floor. You may often encounter concepts like this in residences such as Japanese, Moroccan, Bohemian-style living rooms, to the Asian region. The living room on this floor is considered to be able to maximize the limited space, but still give a sense to the occupants.

The floor living room design can save a lot of budget than the living room in general. With this idea, you can also receive more guests because being on the floor will give you a more spacious room. In addition, the living room is also often a place to relax or serve as a family room.

Having a small room sometimes makes people confused about how to arrange it so that it can be used optimally. The limited space regarding what furniture they want to use, makes you have to think creatively to solve the solution. That is why, the design of the living room on the floor is one of the best choices that are worthy of consideration. Here we have collected 7 coziest living room designs with floor concepts that will become your favorite!

1. Moroccan style living room


Moroccan living room design has a unique characteristic. This design is mixed with friendly Middle Eastern architecture that has been inherent in Morocco since ancient times. The concept of the floor living room is also something that cannot be left behind from this living room style.

2. Living room with bean bags


Making a living room floor is not only using a floor cushion or a floor couch as a seat. There are several other options that you can choose from to complete the living room, such as bean bags. Besides being comfortable as a seat on the floor, the simple appearance of the bean bag is also suitable for use in a modern minimalist style house.

3. Japanese style living room


Since ancient times, Japanese interior styles have always featured simplicity and harmony in their decorations. This can also be seen through the design of the living room which is already very popular because it is located on the floor. This concept is believed to increase intimacy and establish a closer family.

4. Japandi style living room


As the name implies, this living room combines the Japanese concept of space-saving with typical Scandinavian functionality. The floor living room design with this style combines natural colors with lightwood or rattan furniture that creates a relaxed atmosphere. Use a modular sofa or floor cushion that can be adjusted according to the needs of the room.

5. Living room with earth tone accent


Recently, the earth tone color has become the most sought after accent by many people. This accent can indeed be applied to various room designs that can give a warm and comfortable impression. Use a forest green floor cushion and match it with a unique carpet. You can also place indoor plants for a fresh look.

6. Feminine living room


Want to bring a feminine impression to your living room? You can still highlight the floor living room design, but by adding a touch of feminine color, such as choosing a floor sofa or floor cushion with shades of pink. In addition, give a sweet touch with neon lights as a decorative display.

7. Boho chic living room


The bohemian living room design is synonymous with a distinctive, unique, and irregular style. Often combine colors and patterns that collide. However, this is the main attraction of a bohemian style living room. For floor living room, you can add a floor cushion or a floor couch with various striking motifs. Then put fabrics, blankets, carpets with various motifs into the living room.


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