How To Make Aesthetic Birdhouse Decor For Interior


If an birds house is usually a part of the garden or adds to the beauty of the outdoor landscape, today we will try to incorporate it into the interior. Besides having a beautiful shape, birdhouse also add beauty to any room. However, here you will not really see the aviary like in the garden in general. The use of this interior birdhouse emphasizes more on decorative displays and decorations to beautify the room.

Birdhouse can be a great decoration addition to your interior. In addition, they also add aesthetic value to minimalist homes to farmhouse styles. Decorating an aviary will not take up a lot of space in your home, so it saves a lot of space up to the budget you have to spend. Make the birdhouse as a wall display, lamp, or storage for kids toys, so that any room will look beautiful and cheerful.

Making birdhouse decorations for the interior is actually quite easy. Besides being sold in many stores, you can also make some DIY birdhouse projects to your liking. Besides being easy, you just need a little creativity to make it happen. Here’s some inspiration to help you come up with the best ideas!

Summer Patio


Enjoy more relaxing time with holiday patio ideas. From a choice of bright colors, soft chair cushions, string lights, and birdhouse decorations on the walls. Some ornamental plants will also make you feel like you are outdoors.

Birdhouse Toy Storage


Kids will love this adorable storage idea. A bird house that functions as a place to store toys while beautifying your little one’s room.

Birdhouse Table Lamp


Want to create a warm and relaxing space atmosphere? You can make a table lamp in the form of a bird house. Choose lighting that is not too bright so that it is not too bright on the eyes, while this table lamp design will add a beautiful farmhouse style.

Fireplace Décor


Still carrying the farmhouse style or rustic look of the countryside. Bird house decorations will also beautify your fireplace on cold winter days. If you want to bring a minimalist style, give a touch of neutral colors like white as decoration. Instead of placing the birdhouse on the wall, you can make it part of the fireplace décor.

Birdhouse Bedroom


Need inspiration for a twin room? Maybe a little natural touch like a forest with a birdhouse theme could be the best choice. From bed headboards to birdhouse-style wall hangings, this idea is sure to be loved by kids.

Aesthetic Hanging Birdhouse


Change the corners of a boring room or furniture to be more aesthetic. Apart from adding lighting ideas, you can also make a birdhouse that hangs in this area. That way, the room will look unique and become more alive.

Wooden Birdhouse


If you like an interior style inspired by nature, maybe you can actually make an actual bird cage idea. Like a wooden bird house that is arranged very beautifully, not only as a display but actually becoming a birdhouse.

Birdhouse Wall Lamp


We have seen many variations of birdhouse-shaped lamps. So, it’s less complete if you don’t add wall lights as part of our collection today. This wall lamp design will make your room look natural and most suitable for use in kids rooms.


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