How To Make Beautify Living Room With Aquarium Tables

Today many people prefer to do activities related to hobbies. Especially if you are a busy person and need a little entertainment when you are at home. Keeping ornamental fish is a fun hobby, it can not only reduce stress but also keep your mood to always think positively.

Talking about ornamental fish, of course, cannot be separated from the aquarium. It doesn’t matter whether you really like keeping fish of various types and colors, or you are an aquascape lover who wants to create a landscape in glass. The design of the aquarium really determines the overall beauty of your room.

If so far the aquarium is only in the form of a box, rectangle or round. This time, I want to show you an unusual aquarium idea. As we know the table is an important piece of furniture that cannot be separated from home decoration, and combining a table with an aquarium will be a great idea. The aquarium table design is not only a complement, but blends in the living room. That is why, some designers really think about ways to create an unusual aquarium table.

1. This aquarium table has a modern style that is suitable for a minimalist living room. It has a square shape with transparent glass that can be seen from several angles. I like the ribbed glass option on the base which makes it look luxurious.


2. Stylish and minimalist impressions are the main attraction of this white aquarium table. Filled with aquascape in a beautiful natural style.


3. Not only as a coffee table in the living room. Aquarium can also be used as a side table near the sofa. Here you can put drinks, books, or other small objects.


4. Although the aquarium table is small. You can still create a marine aquarium on a coffee table.


5. You can get a relaxed and cozy impression by placing an aquarium table in the living room. Combine with wooden chairs to add a natural impression.


6. An aquarium table with the right lighting ideas makes the living room look more elegant. Add an aquarium light or an eye-catching LED light.


7. In addition to combining a table and an aquarium, you also place houseplants in the corner of the living room. The combination of an aquarium table and ornamental plants will make the room feel more fresh.


8. Minimalist concept is a solution for small rooms. So that the room does not feel full, choose an aquarium table made entirely of glass.


9. Bring the underwater feel to the living room with an aquarium table set. Not only the aquarium coffee table, the side table idea also makes the living room feel more relaxed.


10. It doesn’t have to be expensive or buy in stores. If you’re creative enough, you can make your own DIY aquarium table out of recycled materials.



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