How To Make Brightness Living Room With Glass Block

Any room will feel comfortable if it gets good lighting, including the living room which is the first area people see when they visit the house. In addition to adding lights as lighting, maximizing natural lighting is an easy and practical way that you can do. If the concept of an open space with lots of glass doors and windows doesn’t match your expectations, then try placing glass blocks in the living room. Not only does it create maximum natural lighting, the glass block design in the living room also makes the room more aesthetic.

The variety of glass blocks in the living room is very suitable for small rooms, where glass blocks can make the living room feel natural and airy without a lack of light. In addition, the glass block also still gives you privacy in other rooms. Here are some ways to make your living room look bright by using glass blocks. See how this opaque glass material will beautify your living room!

Glass block for masculine style


Combining glass block with other materials such as brick walls can give a different impression. This living room design is suitable for those of you who like a masculine look. Complete with leather sofas, wall galleries, and chandeliers in matching shades.

Line up glass blocks for a minimalist style


This is a variation of glass block in the guest room which is quite simple. You just need to line up the glass block on the wall near the ceiling. The idea of installing this glass block will allow sunlight to enter ideally because it comes from above. This living room also gives you much needed privacy.

Glass block for indoor plants


If you are a fan of ornamental plants and want to add more green thumbs, then glass block walls are the best solution. With glass block, indoor plants can receive enough sunlight so it is good for growth. This living room idea also makes the room feel fresh.

Glass block for aesthetic walls


This glass block variation is actually just to beautify the appearance of the living room. That’s why glass blocks are only small in size and blend with the wall decor. Although it still functions as natural lighting, the idea of ??a living room glass block is great for bringing an aesthetic impression.

Glass block as integration between rooms


The concept of open housing is much in demand today. However, if you are not smart in managing the room, certain spaces will feel darker due to lack of lighting. To overcome this, you can place a glass block that functions to integrate one space with another. For example, a living room that blends into the living room will feel darker, and glass blocks can be a good lighting regulator.

Glass block for room divider


Not only placed on the wall, glass blocks are also very good as dividers between rooms. This glass block variation feels simple but gives you more privacy. Instead of having to build walls, glass blocks will make your living room feel more spacious. On the other hand, this glass block room partition will make the living room look more elegant.

Glass blocks fill the walls


Finally, we have the glass block version that fills the entire living room wall. This glass block idea is very functional because apart from maximizing natural lighting, the living room will also feel wider than its actual size. The concept of a glass block wall like this is suitable for a minimalist room or limited space.


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