How To Make Mini Terrarium Ideas For Indoor


There’s no need to go into the woods to beat the winter wind when you can make a mini terrarium indoors. Let your imagination run wild with more of these easy terrarium ideas and learn how to make a budget-friendly terrarium. They will be a unique choice for those of you who like indoor gardening and add charm to any room. From using custom glass containers, glass jars, to unusual shapes, you can use anything you can think of to create beautiful mini terrarium designs.

Get a little magic by peeking through the glass, a bright green color guaranteed to brighten up your days when you get home. To make a terrarium, glass containers are the easiest material to get by making sure there is an opening wide enough for your hand. Slowly add an inch or two of washed fine gravel. Next, put in the moistened soil and you will be ready to plant. Create a collection of plants or just one plant that you like. Plant choices suitable for a terrarium include ferns, mosses, succulents, miniature orchids, African violets and Kalanchos.

Arrange the plants in such a way and then provide space so that your terrarium plants get sufficient light. Use cork pads to protect the surface beneath. Since glass containers don’t have drainage holes, make sure you don’t add too much water. Here are some tips and inspiration for you to try at home!


At the same time, a terrarium is a solution for those of you with limited land. With a mini terrarium, it makes it easy for you to place it in any area in the house, you will even learn to make an amazing terrarium with various themes such as beach rain, beaches, jungles, tropical forests, to swamps.

In addition to glass containers, you can use the things around you as a terrarium. From drinking glasses to Mason jars, you can use just about anything to make a quick and easy terrarium. Reuse old glass bulbs, dome clocks, and vintage candle lanterns to create a beautiful and unique terrarium. Get inspired!

















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