10 Creative Fence Garden Ideas For Outdoors


Every outdoor space requires gardening to suit the landscape you want. Apart from planting various types of flowers and plants, the existence of a fence is also very important to keep you safe from unwanted disturbances. But did you know that fences made from plants can be a long-term financial investment? Planting may not always look as expected in the first few months or years, as each type of plant needs time to grow or propagate. However, with time it will grow into a beautiful garden fence.

You just need to let time and nature work by themselves so that the hedge plants can grow and produce satisfactory results. Apart from that, you will also be trained in the discipline to care for it so that it will become part of the outdoor decoration that you desire. Even though a garden fence requires more extra effort to get it, it will give truly satisfying results when you really take care of it. Below we have collected some creative garden fence ideas that will enhance your outdoor space. Let’s see!

1. Shelves with plant pots arranged in a row can also beautify the appearance of the fence. This is an alternative if you don’t like vines or don’t often have time to tidy them up.


2. Cinder block is very popular as the main material for house fences. You can choose various unique designs such as being equipped with a plant rack. Apart from acting as a garden fence, a cinder block garden can also become a tall wall that is pleasing to the eye.


3. The combination of walls and plants has proven to be effective in improving the aesthetics of the house fence. To make it look different, you can try adding wooden elements such as pallets or boards as fence plant shelves.


4. Several types of shade trees can be part of the garden fence decoration. Combine it with a wooden fence at the bottom, and lush trees at the top which will make the garden more shady.


5. Decorate the edge of the garden near your fence with various colorful bushes and flowers. When all the plants grow big they will become a very beautiful garden fence.


6. The strength and sturdiness of the bamboo plant symbolizes steadfastness so it is very suitable as a garden fence. Use a short pot to give the bamboo more room to grow upwards.


7. Several types of cactus plants such as cowboy cactus have the characteristic of growing upwards so they are very suitable as garden fences. This plant also gives a tropical vibe to your outdoor space.


8. Instead of leaving the wooden fence looking plain, you can also decorate it with a plant rack. Choose plants that require minimal maintenance, such as cacti and succulents, so that it is easy for you to care for them.


9. If your house fence is made of wood or bamboo with a simple design, then change it to something extraordinary using vines. Popular climbing flowers such as bougainvillea and roses can be an option.


10. Want to create a minimalist garden fence? Use wire as a medium for propagating your plants. Apart from beautifying the garden fence, using this wire can also provide additional storage areas such as hanging pots or plants.



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