10 Easy And Practical Drying Room Ideas

The drying room or drying rack is often part of the washing room, this is because these two activities cannot be separated. It doesn’t matter how good your laundry room is, you still need a clothesline that functions to dry clothes. Even though it sounds trivial, this clothesline feels difficult to have, especially for those of you who live in narrow urban areas or apartments.

Fortunately, most of the current laundry room designs are also equipped with a clothesline to make all activities easier. Setting up a good laundry room and drying area certainly makes the house look cleaner and tidier, without dirty clothes strewn everywhere.

The furniture or drying rack used is now much more diverse, you can buy it easily at hardware stores or make your own DIY drying room to suit your needs. This post is dedicated to easy and practical clotheslines, even for small areas. Get inspired!

1. Drying rack that is easy to move


This drying rack is very practical because it is easy to move according to your wishes. The material is sturdy but also light so it can adjust to the room you have.

2. Aesthetic drying room with a pergola roof


If you live in a tropical area then you don’t really need an open drying area. Create a drying room under the pergola roof that is not only comfortable, but also makes the drying room look more aesthetic.

3. Drying room with rustic nuances on the balcony


Wooden clothes racks have always been everyone’s favorite, and balconies are the best solution to overcome limited space. Combine the drying area with a balcony garden so that the activity of drying clothes feels more enjoyable.

4. A practical drying cabinet


This cabinet design is not just a place to store clothes but can also be used as an area for drying clothes. It has an open concept with lots of shelves for hanging wet clothes, while there are other small shelves for storing clothes that are dry.

5. Functional drying rack on the balcony railing


Even though it can’t hold a lot of clothes, this clothesline is very functional attached to the balcony railing. This rack is easy to move so you follow the sunlight to dry clothes quickly.

6. Wooden drying room with deck floor


The wooden drying room will lighten your work because of its beautiful design. Blending in with a garden or backyard, the wooden floor can also function as an outdoor relaxing area.

7. Small laundry room with drying rack


A small laundry room can also be optimized with the right settings. In addition to adding a clothesline, there is also a small garden that beautifies this laundry room. Meanwhile, the addition of a transparent roof makes it brighter and more airy.

8. Drying room that integrates with an outdoor kitchen


If you still have a lot of outdoor space, why not build everything here? From the kitchen, laundry room, to the clothes rack, it feels more practical to be in one area.

9. Minimalist clothes rack with black and white accents


The minimalist design is still a favorite of many people because it looks clean and elegant. You can also apply this style to your laundry room by adding black and white accents. However, it is this roof model clothes rack that attracts the most attention.

10. Set washing machine and drying area


A modern impression is immediately felt when you see the design of this laundry room. Washing and drying areas are integrated into this practical furniture set. Apart from the drying racks, there are also storage areas, containers, and closed cupboards.


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