12 Creative DIY Homemade Cat Tree Ideas


Pet owners know how to love their furry friends like family, especially when it comes to creating spaces for play. While dogs can claim grounds, cats will prefer to dominate the interior, with sofas, wardrobes, shelves, and even beds being their domain. So why not build a fun playground with a handmade DIY project? A DIY cat tree will give your pet more fun time at home, a suitable space for playing, relaxing and away from the rest of the family.

We’ve browsed through many of the hottest ideas on Pinterest, and the good news is there are lots of very creative DIY cat furniture to match the rest of your home decor. This cat tree will not only make your lovely kitty happy, but also add style to your interior. To help you find the best one, we’ve rounded up 12 DIY cat house projects that you can easily make. Get inspired!

1. Functional cat tree with bookcase


Simple DIY and slightly reminiscent of Scandinavian style. We love the combination of white cat trees that blend with the wall-mounted bookcase. Gives your furry friend more room to climb.

2. Cat tree with baskets


This cat tree not only saves space but also gives your cat a comfortable place to sleep. Complete with wicker baskets that act as a relaxing place or a relaxing nap area.

3. Cat tree for a shabby chic room


The shabby chic interior design is indeed timeless. With a classic yet minimalist look, this cat tree feels like one with the interior decor around it.

4. A cat tree made of ladders


This is a simple project for a cat house made of stairs. It only takes you a few minutes and a little effort to get a stylish cat tree.

5. Cat tree with wallpaper


The cat tree is very dominant with natural accents, and adding a wallpaper to match the theme is the best idea. Choose wallpaper motifs that symbolize nature, such as floral or plant patterns.

6. Minimalist cat tree


A minimalist cat tree is a way to save space and money, especially if you have more than one cat at home. Simple in design and consisting of several shelves to relax on, this cat tree is easy to move because it is made of light wood.

7. Unique cat tree in the shape of a cactus


Having an unusual cactus shape, this cat tree idea will enhance the overall look of your interior. Mix it up with minimalist furniture, rugs, woven textiles and indoor plants for a boho chic look.

8. Cat tree with ledge shelves


In contrast to the cat tree idea in general, you can also use an empty wall to become a cat tree by adding a ledge shelf. Besides saving space, you can also display some items on the top shelf.

9. Nature-inspired cat tree


If you don’t want to take your cat outside, why not make a cat tree with a refreshing natural feel? Add indoor plants, faux vines and place a cat tree by a window to get some sunlight.

10. Japanese-style cat tree


This cat tree is also a sculptural work of art in the room. Inspired by Japanese philosophy, the look of the cat tree is simple, minimalist, but still elegant.

11. Cat tree from natural wood


Keep the natural wood look for a stylish cat tree. Scandinavian-inspired design, this cat tree is great close to indoor gardens.

12. Cat tree against the wall


Don’t have room for a cat tree? Don’t worry, the idea of a cat tree attached to the wall can be an alternative for those of you who have limited space.


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