20 Colorful TV Room Ideas To Brightly Your Interior


A cozy TV room decoration is important for quality family time. This area is often used as a favorite place to gather, watch TV and chat with family. The TV room is usually located in the middle of the house, but due to space limitations there is also a TV room that is integrated with the living room or dining room. Decorating the TV room is something that must be considered, especially to provide a comfortable gathering atmosphere and get the best experience when watching your favorite shows.

In fact, TV room is often overlooked and many people only leave a little space to place some furniture without adding pattern and color. Making the TV room feel cheerful will raise spirits and make the atmosphere at home feel more intimate. From wall paint, furniture, to accessories that will brighten up your TV room. Here are some of our favorite colorful TV room ideas for you to try at home!


Multifunctional TV furniture

First you have to choose furniture according to the size and theme of the room. Try to choose furniture that is simple but has a variety of functions. That way you can save space and make it easier to decorate the TV room as you wish. For example, use a TV table with drawers or cabinets to store various items. In this case, you can choose a brightly colored TV table to make the atmosphere more cheerful. In addition, there is also a bench with storage underneath, or use a colorful TV shelf that also functions as a decoration or bookshelf.


Use bright colors that are not monotonous

If usually many people prefer neutral colors like white or gray in the living room, this time I would like to invite you to be bold. Use bright colors but don’t dazzle your eyes. It should be noted that too many color combinations will actually make the TV room feel cramped and untidy. The solution, you have to mix bright colors with the right dose. A bright TV room atmosphere can be created if you don’t overdo it in adding color. You can apply these colors to wall paint, furniture, and other decorative elements.


Maximize natural lighting

A colorful TV room looks cosy with natural light. This also applies to TV rooms in minimalist, modern, boho, Scandinavian, rustic styles, and many more. The use of natural light can be done by placing a large window or door in the TV room. Another alternative, you can use skylights or place a TV room near an area that is connected to the outside. In addition to providing extra lighting, natural sunlight can also help your body’s health. Air circulation is also smoother so the room becomes more refreshing.

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