20 Coziest Swimming Pool Designs For Small Side Yard


Side yards are usually given less attention than other outdoor areas such as the front yard or backyard. However, when you make the most of it, this often neglected small room can become a fun entertainment space. If you’ve always just walked past it or most of us use it as a trash can, you can push past your boundaries sparking creativity and inspiring additional outdoors.

In this case, when people see unused space, we see it as limited potential. Some creative people make the side yard part of the garden landscape, some make garden paths as a link between the front yard and backyard, but have you ever thought about making a swimming pool? Side swimming pools may not be the only option for homeowners when looking to build an outdoor swimming pool. However, this swimming pool design really saves space and budget, so anyone can have a dream swimming pool which is difficult to come true, especially for those of you who live on limited land.

Easy and cheap solution for small spaces

It is undeniable, so far swimming pools have only been synonymous with large and luxurious houses. Besides requiring a large amount of money, the construction of a swimming pool also takes up a lot of space. I’m sure many of us dream of having our own private swimming pool, an area where we can relax and enjoy some time outdoors every weekend. Pool sides are not only an easy and practical solution for small spaces, they are really cheap without having to look fancy. Even though it is small in size, the side swimming pool design is no less comfortable than swimming pools in general. In addition, you can design it according to the style and size of the space you have.


Pool side design

Who says you can’t build a swimming pool in your side yard? If all you need is a dip or just want to relax, a wading pool or elongated swimming pool is more than enough. This design intelligently adapts to the size of the outdoors, becomes part of the landscape, and leans back to create a peaceful space while taking in the views. Add a deck to separate the different zones, while creating a landscaped garden using either plants or fences in shades of concrete and wood. By the pool, the layout and furnishings largely dictate comfort while respecting tight spaces. The minimalist design maintains openness and allows for easy air circulation. Green plants play an important role in making the pool feel fresher, increasing privacy, and creating a fertile environment.

In the following I’ve rounded up more poolside inspirations that will provide a green oasis between tight spaces. Let’s see!




















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