20 Creative Color Block Ideas To Define Your Desk


If you’re lucky enough to have a home office or are looking for ways to fit your desk into the space available, color blocking is an effective way to separate your work environment. The most popular home office color blocks are on the walls to make sure your desk space looks as attractive as possible, while also fostering creativity to make it more productive.

Adding a bit of color in that workspace can be done in a casual or geometric way, and walls are a great place to start. Here are some ways to add color blocks to organize your dream desk space so you can work from home with more fun.


Create visual boundaries in the home office

If you don’t have a designated space when you work at home, there is a practical way to create clear boundaries between your workspace and the rest of your home. Create visual boundaries such as a wall of color blocks painted with strong lines to create a clear boundary around your desk, giving you focus while you’re working. As with painting furniture, do the same behind your desk space to provide a strong point of distinction between the rest of your room and your office.


Get creative with a variety of colors

If you like the look of a home office that is energetic and carries positive energy, then you should get creative and develop a color display that matches your personality. Inject some eye-catching color with bold, inspiring furnishings, such as tables, chairs and storage shelves that are vibrant in different hues. Keep focusing on the wall color, but make sure it’s not too flashy and still makes you feel comfortable while work at home.


Color blocking on walls

Color blocking is an easy way to make a statement to your workspace in a bold way, uplift the mood, and add timeless style. If you like neutral rooms, choose lavender, gray, light blue, or green. Want to be a little bold? Use mustard, emerald, pink, red, yellow or any other bright color. Mix some color accents that you like on the wall. That can be easily done with paint, decals, or wallpaper. My advice is to use decals to add a unique geometric effect, and you can change them whenever you want.

Wall paint is probably the best choice for color blocking. However, this method can only be done when you are really sure of your choice. Create thick walls right in your home office area, these boundaries are part of your home office statement.

Find more of the most effective color blocks for your workspace below!










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