20 Cute DIY Tiny Planter Ideas To Decorate Your Home


Bringing ornamental plants is a simple way to bring a fresh feel to the house. However, before choosing the type of plant that is suitable for decoration, you must consider the size and shape of the plant so that it doesn’t take up much space in the house. If you happen to live in a small house or apartment, of course large plants should be avoided. Instead, try to choose small houseplants that are easy to care for. Various types of these tiny plants can be your choice who want to learn to care for plants but have limited land. It’s small in size, but so cute that it makes a big impact into the decor.

In addition, the advantage of tiny plants is that they can fit anywhere you want, such as on a table, windowsill, hanging, or as a decoration on a wall shelf. Well, are you interested in decorating a small room with decorative plants? But still confused about what plants and how to start? Here are some inspirational tiny houseplants that will become your favorite DIY projects at home. Let’s see!


Why does it have to be tiny plants?

Small plants are easier to care for than larger types of plants. In addition, its small size makes it easier for you to place it in a pot, shelf, or hang it in the room. Even though they are small, they have various benefits, especially if you live in a house or apartment with limited land. Tiny plants are not only a solution for your gardening, but also sweeten the room, filter the air, and even create a green atmosphere in the room.


Tiny plant decoration for indoor

There are various easy ways to display your plant collection indoors. One of them is using pots with attractive shapes and colors. Currently, there are many practical pot designs for small plants. Another idea, you can hang plants using a rope or place them on a wall shelf as part of the decoration. You can arrange plants in groups or individually, depending on your creativity. In fact, some potted plants can be made from improvised materials, thus opening DIY opportunities for you to do yourself at home.


Tiny plant species

We’re sure you must have your own favorite plants, but some of these plants are really hard to resist. From various types of cactus plants, succulents, philodendrons, to water plants that really save space. Here we’ve rounded up our favorite absolutely adorable tiny plant ideas to inspire you!


















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