20 Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas With Evergreen Shades


A romantic bedroom isn’t always about feminine color choices, dim lighting, and lots of colorful floral elements. Sometimes bringing nature into the room is a great way to get closer to your partner. Evergreens are refreshing and uplifting, and there’s no better way than to add a natural touch to your bedroom decor with evergreens. These don’t just make your bedroom green, use some to make the bedroom feel more relaxing so it has a positive impact on your relationship. Such décor is cosy, smells of winter, and is easy to fit into any bedroom style.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, then evergreens and green plants are the best choice. You can take some evergreen ideas as DIY projects with your partner. These decorations are really inexpensive, in fact you don’t have to actually use real evergreens as you can combine them with branches, twigs or houseplants. Let’s see how evergreens will make your partner fall in love even more!


Romantic Evergreen Wreaths

Wreaths are holiday decorations that bring a relaxed atmosphere to any space. A lush green wreath with berries or twigs will make the bedroom feel more refreshing. The presence of this evergreen can keep the mood so your relationship becomes closer. According to its function, the bedroom is the most comfortable place where you can rest after your activities. So, even if you want a bedroom with a romantic feel, always make sure that you and your partner feel comfortable. Hang evergreens at the head of a bed, wall or nightstand for a natural green look.


Romantic Evergreen Garlands

Adding a lush evergreen garland is another beautiful alternative to make your bedroom feel romantic. You can place various garland decorations above the bedroom door, add string lights or candles to make the room warmer. Cover the empty part in your bedroom with a garland or attach it to the bed canopy if your furniture is in a classic style. An evergreen garland can make a great statement wall in a master bedroom, you can add other ornaments such as flower arrangements to make the bedroom look like a honeymoon.


Flowers and Greenery

Want a simpler bedroom arrangement? Use flowers and greenery as part of your romantic projects. Some houseplants look lovely on a bedside table, or simply place them on the floor in large pots. Natural shades of green are instantly felt with houseplants, even these decorations don’t require much effort. If you want your bedroom to feel more romantic, don’t forget flowers as a decoration element. Colorful flowers not only spoil the eye but also make the bedroom more aesthetic.

Here are some romantic bedroom ideas with evergreen shades to get you inspired!


















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