20 Small And Modern Koi Fish Pond Designs


Apart from the garden, the presence of a fish pond certainly makes the house feel more refreshing, especially if you live in an urban area that occasionally needs a means of relaxation. Currently, koi ponds are the choice of many people because of their practicality and ease of maintenance. However, before you decide on the right koi pond design, you should first know the size of the land you have. As we know, limited land is often a problem encountered in urban areas, and a minimalist koi pond is the solution for those of you who want a natural feel.

Koi fish are one of the most popular types of fish. The reason is, this fish has an attractive appearance with bright colors. In addition, koi fish are also believed to bring good luck to their owners. Although koi fish can be kept in an aquarium, it is highly recommended to keep them in a certain size pond. Then, what if the land we have is very limited? In addition to its small size, koi pond design inspiration really has a modern look that makes it easy to apply to any pond style. Please scroll down and get some of the best tips.


Minimalist koi fish pond

Minimalist design much preferred because it does not require a large area. It has a pool below waist height and is suitable for enjoying while adding a seat beside it. A minimalist fish pond doesn’t require a lot of decorative elements, so even a small area can be turned into a stylish fish pond. Complete a minimalist fish pond with green plants, water filters, and also an air system that also has a minimalist impression.


Fish pond with natural nuances

The elements of nature always manage to bring serenity both indoors and outdoors. This also applies to koi ponds with lots of natural elements. You can unite the fish pond with the garden landscape, or place various types of ornamental plants, pots, vines and hanging plants. Don’t forget to add pool accessories to make it look more natural, like wood, stone or sand. The atmosphere of a shady fish pond and the sound of water from the shower will provide relaxation in itself.


Aquarium style fish pond

If you are a koi fish lover and want to always enjoy their beauty, try making a fish pond in an aquarium style. Build a fish pond above the ground by adding thick glass in the front. By using a mirror, you can easily observe various kinds of fish so it’s easy to treat. It doesn’t have to be big, but make sure there is still a place to accommodate the koi fish you have.


Fish pond with wooden deck

Bring a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to your fish pond. In addition to outdoor furniture, adding natural accents such as a wooden deck makes time outside even more enjoyable. A wooden deck has many functions, such as acting as an outdoor floor or hiding a water filter so that the fish pond looks neat.


Fish pond with waterfall

Lastly, I have a recommendation for a koi fish pond idea similar to nature. You just simply add a waterfall as part of the fish pond decoration. A falling water fountain will further enhance the appearance of a minimalist fish pond, as well as being an air system for koi fish so they can adapt to new environments.

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