22 Awesome Neon Christmas Decor Ideas


Christmas is coming soon and this is the perfect time to prepare your party. Make something special this year and throw a neon Christmas party, so your holiday season will feel more festive and fun. Neon decorations may not be used often at Christmas, usually used in color schemes and lighting ideas. While neon isn’t easy to combine, you just have to find a way to wear it and feel good about it. For me, neon has its own charm, even if you are a lover of retro style like me, don’t hesitate to bring neon into your Christmas decorations.

The use of neon experienced its peak of popularity around the 80s. Not only can it make the interior look fresher, neon colors can also brighten up the mood of the occupants. However, the use of neon should not be applied haphazardly. There are rules that must be understood so that the room does not feel busy and cramped. This also applies to Christmas decorations, and the easiest way is to combine neon with neutral colors such as white, cream, gray and black.

There are several ways to apply neon for Christmas, firstly you can use a neon color scheme which is already popular but not too over the top. Next, you can install neon signs or neon lighting that will liven up your Christmas party. Here are some easy tips and neon Christmas inspiration that you will love!


Neon Christmas lighting

We often see fluorescent lights or lighting in many cafes and restaurants. The flexible material makes these lights easy to create in various shapes, from making neon signs to fun shapes. You can also choose Christmas decorations using neon lights to liven up holiday parties or certain rooms such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, or several points indoors. Choosing the right colors and placing neon lights will make the Christmas atmosphere more lively and vibrant. There are lots of ideas for neon lights for Christmas, for example lights in the shape of pine trees, stars, flower garlands, Christmas greeting signs, and even twinkling Christmas tree decorations.


Neon Christmas décor

You can make all your own neon Christmas decorations, for example colorful neon garlands, statement neon wall paint, neon furniture, neon Christmas accessories and much more. If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet, now is the perfect time to display something different. Choose a purple, pink or green neon tree decorated with various ornaments, neon signs, neon chandeliers and it will make Christmas even more awesome. You can turn the lights on or off to enjoy all these sparkling neon colors. Consider adding some beautiful Christmas themed neon lights, there are lots of fun ideas in all neon colors, from Christmas trees to different phrases. Get inspired by the ideas below and have fun this Christmas!





















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