22 Eclectic Living Room Designs To Get Inspired


If you ask what kind of living room can support the various design needs of each family member or guest who comes? So an eclectic style is everyone’s dream because it includes everything you need in a living room. Bringing comfort to the living room is of course the desire of every home owner. As well as being a family gathering area, the living room is the first thing your guests see so it’s important to add style and personality to the décor.

The living room design is able to have a psychological impact on the occupants, the selection of furniture and also the right arrangement will determine the level of comfort and also the aesthetic value of the interior. However, decorating a beautiful living room does not only focus on the interior, but also on function and especially on psychological aspects.

In the following I want to display an eclectic living room style to support the needs and designs of everyone, use an eclectic style as part of your next living room decoration!


What is an eclectic interior style?

Before you bring an eclectic style into the living room, it’s good to know first what is an eclectic interior style? Eclectic is a popular style because it combines several design styles into a single style. Eclectic interior style is often used as an alternative to the stalemate and stiffness that one style choice brings. Even for some people, eclecticism is a practical solution to find the best view of space from various combinations of interior styles.


Filled with bright and bold colors

As we know, eclectic style is a combination of various shapes, styles, textures, and colors in one interior idea or scheme. An eclectic living room is usually full of color and texture accents due to the combination of certain styles. You can easily add bright colors, neutrals, or even bold color accents to using exposed brick walls on the other side. At first glance, eclectic may sound like a bohemian style, because it is rich in texture and color with vintage furniture, and even a hint of contemporary.


Wall gallery

Decorating the living room wall by placing artistic displays or wall galleries is a hallmark of the eclectic style. The impression of being lively and colorful in the use of various elements and decorative elements gives a unique impression on the living room wall. Use frames in different colors and sizes to give a room a strong eclectic feel.



Eclectic can be seen from the functional furniture design with an aesthetic appearance. Furniture usually has a vintage feel characteristic with wood, iron, floral ornaments, and clear embroidered fabrics. Soft and cozy sofas made of velvet, satin and calduray will look perfect in an eclectic style living room.


Geometric pattern

The eclectic living room consists of geometric patterns that can be present on the furniture and wallpaper. Geometric patterns can also be applied to sofa cushion covers, abstract paintings, and floor rugs which can give a touch of art that is both complex and beautiful.


Floor, roof and wall design

Finally we enter the design of floors, roofs and walls. For the floor, choose parquet, laminate, solid wood or tiles with eclectic accents. You can also decorate it with a bohemian floral patterned rug. Meanwhile for the roof or ceiling, or ceiling, make one level or multi-level made of cement.

And for walls, before choosing wall decorations such as paintings and photos, you can use wallpaper, curtains or decorative stickers. Add bright or neutral colors, like white, gray to brown. The use of exposed brick walls and panel walls is also welcome for an eclectic living room.

See more of your favorite eclectic living room inspirations below!
















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