22 Warm And Cozy Christmas Reading Nook For Kids


Approaching Christmas there will be many activities that you will miss with your family. From decorating the house with a Christmas theme, holding a festive Christmas party, to having more quality time with your beloved children. This is the best holiday from work and children’s school, so try to give them memorable and enjoyable moments. A reading nook is a great idea to fill your little one’s vacation time. However, how to inspire your child to read? The solution is to create a comfortable and friendly reading corner, not forgetting the various Christmas ornaments that enliven the atmosphere.

A reading nook can easily become a child’s favorite space in the entire room and they will feel right at home while immersed in a good Christmas storybook. Choose colorful and interesting books and child-friendly furniture, so that your child wants to spend as much time as possible in that corner. Warm up your kids reading nook with Christmas cheer, for example a Christmas tree, wreath, garland, or other Christmas ornaments. Here are some Christmas reading corner ideas for children that you can copy because they are very cozy and inviting.


Determine the location of the reading nook

First decide where you want to place a comfortable reading nook for your child. The most popular ideas are corners of the living room, bedroom or family room. The reason for choosing a corner rather than a large space is because it’s better to choose a part of the room that has the potential to feel a bit secluded. Apart from reading requiring a comfortable atmosphere, this area must also be quiet and far from noise.



Furniture is an important element for a comfortable children’s reading corner. It usually includes a comfortable chair or lounger, a side table or ottoman, and possibly a bookshelf. Since reading corners are usually small, multifunctional furniture is an ideal choice. There are many combinations to consider such as a bench with storage underneath, a desk with a bookshelf or even a custom reading chair with built-in storage.



Lighting is always the main thing and plays a special role in a reading corner, which is why you should choose a place close to a window if possible. In addition to natural lighting, you should also have enough reading lights so that a floor lamp seems like a good choice. If the room is too small or you don’t want to use a floor lamp, consider getting a chandelier or table lamp. To further emphasize the Christmas atmosphere, also equip it with fairy lights or if you use a Christmas tree, the lighting from the tree will feel more cozy.



So that the child feels more at home and the reading corner feels really cozy, you should also add some accent details such as some comfortable pillows, blankets, children’s bookshelves, and Christmas ornaments. Any accessories that your kid likes and that suit his style can be used. So, make it as comfortable as possible and enjoy spending time there.

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