23 Awesome Artificial River Ideas For Your Garden


The concept of a garden that is truly inspired by nature is sought after because it can present a natural atmosphere that is different from an artificial garden. It is made like the original environment, such as the atmosphere of the forest, mountains, and today I want to invite you to create a river garden idea complete with running water, rocks, plants and much more.

A river garden not only makes your backyard feel like you are in nature, but gives you a favorite place after activities or every weekend. Having a garden at home can also be compared to a green paradise in the middle of an city. That’s the reason why many people invest a lot of budget just to create a dream garden, various ways are done, from designing the garden, adding outdoor furniture, to creating a landscape that is like its natural habitat.

If ponds have always been part of your garden, have you ever thought about creating an outdoor river landscape? Combining the elements of water, plants and rocks, a river garden is the best idea to create a landscape that brings a fresh atmosphere. Here are some inspirations to get you immersed in nature!


Why choose a river garden?

Even though a river garden requires a large area, if you are lucky enough then you can have an amazing landscape at home. Any garden design will be more beautiful with a stream of water that naturally blends in with the surrounding landscape. At a glance, you will feel like you are on the edge of a river with the sound of water and showers flowing from between the rocks, or just enjoying the fresh air with lush trees. River parks can indeed be made as similar as possible to their natural environment, but you can still add an entertainment zone for the family. Add some comfortable outdoor furniture, a gazebo, pergola or a lounge area that everyone in the family can enjoy.










Artificial river garden decoration

There is no stipulation on how much area you must have outdoors to create an artificial river garden. Even if your garden or backyard is limited in size, you can still create a small river garden that is connected by a stream of water that flows endlessly following the rocky landscape connected to the garden. Almost like making a fish pond, the design of an artificial river garden or often called a river pond still uses tools such as pond pumps and filters to create an artificial river. The difference is, you only need to add supporting landscape themes such as rocks, wood, plants, pebbles, sand, and many more.

An artificial river garden can be a stream or add a waterfall at several points. Another idea is to regulate the flow of water so it feels like it is in its natural habitat by naturally arranging stones and wood. Besides sourced from groundwater, you can also use rainwater reservoirs to make artificial rivers. Get inspired!














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